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Face Offs


Hello all! I’m still here! Just taking a while to think of something to write about. If you watched the video all the way through, you will be interested in how important cheating is.

The first thing I want to talk about is the cabinet reshuffle. While this got a couple of weeks of bad press, if Jason Clare’s handling post the sinking of the refugee boat outside Indonesia is anything to go about, then the PM has made a wise choice.

Yes, I know. It’s very early days, but Jason did a wonderful job regards communicating the governments response to this tragedy. That’s what the whole idea of the reshuffle was all about remember. And if the other new faces also do the same, then the PM’s done a smart thing here. As long as they can hold their own of course.

It also shifts the balance in question time itself. The coalition front bench is primarily a rag tag left over of Howard’s Heroes. While the coalition does have fresh faces in their back benches, those facing the cameras are old faces compared to some of those newly appointed; relatively speaking.

Of course, for conservatives, seeing the same old faces is reassuring to them. It hints at stability. It’s why they dig the monarchy. What if anything this subtle little reshuffle of faces will do in the minds of the public is yet to be seen. And never forget that an old politician is a wily politician. They know the game. Rising stars may not know how to grease the wheels you need to grease. We shall see.

The second face off is what we are seeing now and have been seeing on repeated issues. That of the PM and the opposition leader. Neither seemingly willing to budge an inch.

It started all last week when Abbott did a presser calling on the PM to not go away fro Christmas till she settles the asylum seeker issue. Abbott was taking the moral high ground on this it appeared. What we did not see until this week was what prompted Abbott to go on this attack.

As we now know, the PM wrote to the opposition leader asking for good faith negotiations on the issue. Abbott did what Abbott does. Privately he responded to the letter with his usual ‘No’. But publicly, he told press journalists that it was terrible the PM was doing nothing about the asylum seeker issue. A bold lie. Further, he asked for parliament to be recalled early, something that the PM offered as part of the negotiations in her letter.

Abbott was looking the better man. Then the tragedy occurred on the weekend.

Scott Morrison continued Abbott’s stance in the media coming out in a “7.30” interview claiming that the coalition and Tony Abbott was prepared to negotiate on the asylum seeker issue in good faith, but the Prime Minister would not come to the party. The letters Chris Bowen then released showed that this was not the case.

It also showed where Abbott got the idea to recall parliament from.

Now the debate has moved into shark jumping territory. Abbott himself is now demanding that any talks should not be between the ministers involved, but between himself and the PM. Abbott again called for the holiday card. Abbott continued his attack calling the PM stubborn on Nauru as he stubbornly refused to consider Malaysia. Double standings much Tony?

All this in one week. 

So what is at stake here? What has the coalition got to lose?

Well for starters, this is a big voter issue apparently. So if the coalition actually decide to act in a bipartisan fashion on asylum seeker policy, then they can never spend a minute attacking the government on it. Other than how the policy is managed of course.

It would be the end of Scott Morrison hate pressers.

The last election was as tight as it was because Abbott was able to use asylum seekers as a political football. Any deal would mean someone taking his football away.

Abbott’s new stance: that is to suggest that his immigration spokesman is not up to the task of discussing immigration policy is an intriguing new tact by Abbott. I say new as we are hearing in the media voices of both sides as well as the public calling for a compromise on this.

If Abbott is going to lose his football, he is going to do so after he attempts a field goal first.

It’s also an interesting sign from Abbott on his tenure as leader. If Abbott was to allow Morrison to talk to Bowen and the two men came up with a solution acceptable by both parties, then people will remember that it was Morrison and Bowen who did this. No. Abbott can’t have Morrison take the limelight here as it will catapult Morrison into leadership material. At least that’s how I read it.

Meanwhile Julia Gillard has her own share of rumbling. The reshuffle ruffled feathers for many who did not like getting their feathers ruffled. Gillard may have an extra vote in her HoR vote bag, but change brings with it the chance of great rewards as well as great falls. Houses groan and shift with the earth forming tell tale cracks in gyp-rock.

Leave the cracks and all manner of nasties can come out crawling in the dead of night. Fill the cracks and give the walls a coat of paint, and the house can look better then new.

Let’s see where Gillard’s renovations take her. And where Abbott’s wrecking ball takes him

A. Ghebranious 2011 (All Rights Reserved)

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  1. Jennifer Baratta permalink

    So Abbot has not learned anything big surprise. Happy holidays

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