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Tony Abbott: Run run away!


Tony Abbott did what Tony Abbott has always done. He ran ran away. He stands like a chameleon. All things to everyone. And he runs runs away. (see song)

See chameleon
Lying there in the sun
All things to everyone
Run run away

– SLADE Run Runaway 1983 from the album ‘The Amazing Kamikaze Syndrome‘ (Oh the irony)

Lets be absolutely clear here. Only two weeks ago, Abbott stood in front of cameras and pissed on the validity of the CHOGM and recently he mocked the G20. Now the same idiot has flown to the UK to meet heads of those governments  coincidentally the exact same day that his political career has come to a close.

 ”such political future as I have got rests entirely on beating this tax, so that’s the whole purpose of what’s left of my political life” – Tony Abbott

Well someone should tell Mr Abbott he must now do what he promised. But lets be serious. Abbott has never been one to live up to promises that he has made.

“Rock-solid, iron-clad, commitment” – 2004 Abbott three word slogan with more than three words.

That was the failed promise by Tony Abbott to not raise the medicare safety net threshold. He campaigned as Health Minister in 2004 and vowed to the nation he would keep it. As soon as the election was finished, he trashed that vow almost immediately. What a lying piece of work.

Prior to the last election, Abbott told Australia about what he considers truth. Apparently if it is not written down, then he is a lying bastard. This is the same lying bastard that declared to all Australians that he has written an oath in blood to rescind the carbon price. Only problem is, no one has seen that oath written down any where. That means Abbott is being a lying bastard again.

And now, all of a sudden, Abbott flies out of the country the day the senate passes legislation that he himself declared his political death. Further, he plans to meet with heads of states that he basically ridiculed re CHOGM and the G20. Will David Cameron even recognise him this time?

And lets be absolutely clear! Tony Abbott is not a member of a centre right party! Tony Abbott’s tenure as leader is because he has given elements of the far right of the Liberal Party a voice. People like Corey Bernardi who judges people by the religion they wear. Backbenchers that despise people based on their skin colour. And a shadow immigration minister that smiles every time an asylum seeker dies.

Abbott has allowed the coalition to rush to the right with some wanting to go further right. The FOX NEWS of political parties – unfair and imbalanced. It’s why Malcolm Turnbull appears uncomfortable. If anyone is truly centre right, it is he. Be he is not the one that is travelling to the UK.

Luckily for Tony Abbott, he is heading to the UK where he can learn about chivalry and commission a bard to sing to him about how brave he is for running away.

Brave brave SirTony.

A. Ghebranious  2011  (All Rights Reserved)

  1. Rasa permalink

    Ash. You’re an idiot. Get a real job.

  2. Valli permalink

    Can we hope that he doesn’t come back this time?

  3. debbiep permalink

    I read some where that Abbott’s idea of fighting something to the bitter end seems to be a triathalon followed by an overseas jaunt. He could have left for England after the vote and still be a day or two ahead of his schedule meeting.

    Thanks ash for the insight .

    Shame Abbott didnt get a ‘real job’ , after all he is the real i**** here. .

  4. Jennifer Baratta permalink

    Do not count your Chickens before they hatch Ash Tony Abbot might come back.

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