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When One Trick turns and Up becomes Down.


Tony Abbott’s running out of tricks. Well he only has one.

Previously unquestionable, his lack of direction is becoming a weight. For quite a while, Abbott did his best to not commit himself to policy. And for 6 months or so this year, he did not need one as the government was bleeding a thousand cuts because while it had announced direction, it too had no policy.

That was then. This is now.

The carbon package is on the table. Before it came to be there, Abbott took great advantage by it not being there. Every week, a new claim. Petrol to rise. Weet-Bix to rise. Coal mining to end. Interest rates to rise. Etc etc.

Now that it is on the table, the focus, regardless of where Mr Abbott wishes it to be, is now falling squarely onto his court. His Direct Action policy, untouched since May 2010, is still the current official coalition policy. One economists struggle to understand as economically viable. Abbott’s crafted fear campaign against the government is now turning into a fear of what the alternative is. And it is filtering through.

His stance against the mining tax that worked so well under Rudd in 2009/2010 has not changed despite the fact that the public sentiment has. It makes sense to take some of that and spread it to the country.

Julia Gillard and the government intend to stick to the agreement she made on becoming PM in 2010. It’s not the mining tax it should be, but it’s better than the Abbott’s plan of nothing. The irony though is Abbott, on seeing the public sentiment shift, is attacking the tax as not being big enough while at the same time vowing to rescind it.

The asylum seeker debate is one that still lingers on the back of the government. But it’s also now a burden for the opposition too. When offered off shore processing, and please note, the government’s proposed changes do not make any reference to any country, Abbott chose to do what he does best and oppose it.

Cleverly, he went with the UNHCR clause. But as time showed, Abbott’s own borrowed from the past policy turns people out to sea. From there drowning ensues as well as political damage with Indonesia who are not too keen to have these people pushed back at them.


Two boats came in last weekend. The sky did not fall in. Australia kept working. And no headlines were flashed onto paper. Mind you the whole Qantas thing was happening as was CHOGM, but pictures of Asylum Seekers in boats have sold many a news paper in the middle of important news all year. Recently, not so much. If the government is to stumble and fall, this issue may still be the ongoing sore.

While I am on Qantas, this too has been an interesting test for the Prime Minister and the Opposition Leader. The Coalition: advocates of governments sticking their nose out of business is complaining that the government did not intervene earlier.

It is also going to be a test of the PM’s FWA laws. It has, in my mind, already passed in one area. The waterfront lockout took 13-14 weeks to end. The one at Qantas took less than 48 hours. And lets all use a little perspective here. Qantas lost more money when a couple of volcanoes grounded their fleet along side other carriers for much more time then the hours lost in the lockout and all union action combined. Still, it will be interesting to see if both parties can come to terms or risk it at arbitration.

Pokies is yet to come, but Tony has started the campaign squarely in the field of opposition. Unfortunately for Tony, it seems the Clubs have gone in boots and all and ended up kicking themselves in the arse.

Abbott decided to do some blood letting onto paper. I see an infection looming out of that. Why? Because Abbott is now not only committing himself to an issue, but he is taking his whole party with him. So what you say? Well, Essential media’s recent poll shows something under the unchanged 55 – 45 result.

The coalition lost a point. In particular the Liberal party. The ALP picked up two points. It seems Abbott’s attack plan of opposing everything by calling up, down and down, up and CO2, weightless is starting to have a effect.

Tony’s biggest problem is he needs an issue to kick and keep kicking over Christmas or he will slowly lose relevance. What disturbs me with the coalition is they have continued to run a campaign centred around what the government does or does not do and the result thereof.

What they SHOULD be doing is setting their own game. What they are doing is failing to show an alternative with detailed policy as well as failing to provide their own vision. Saying it won’t be this or the opposite of that just does not cut it.

The voting public begins to think better the devil you know. I know. Long call. But the coalition are playing a be afraid game. They are trying to get fear into the community and under the carbon price months, it was working like a charm for them. Yet not talking about the alternative or the coalition policy in detail, the public now have to be afraid of what that policy may or may not be. 

With Abbott reluctant to stick his head out and preferring to predict rather then to commit to anything, the public is left remembering what Tony told us all BEFORE the election. Not everything he says is true unless it is written down. Tony has all been too keen to show us this all year.

From CO2 being weightless, to coal mining closing down. From his compassion about possible whipping to his endorsement for possible drowning. From his love to for the miners, to his claims the mining tax is weak and the miners are getting one over the PM. From his call for less government interference between business and employees, to his call for faster and more heavy handed government interference. From phoning Nauru, to phoning boats, to phoning Alan Joyce. From things dead, buried and cremated, to blood oaths written on imaginary paper with imaginary blood.

For him, up is down and down is up. Forever and ever. Amen.

A. Ghebranious 2011 (All Rights Reserved)

  1. Jennifer Baratta permalink

    Oh dear Ash should not Tony Abbot learn anything in school. Guess not.

  2. hillbillyskeleton permalink

    He’s at it again today, Ash. Tiny-minded Abbott has been spruiking his Stalinist line of Centralised government intervention and the telling of business and the Unions what to do and what not to do.
    If he keeps this up people will start doubting his Liberal Party bona fides, as everything he is advocating seems more like Old Labor than New Liberal.

  3. Geoff permalink

    Gillard’s problem is she didn’t get enough seats to govern at the last election. The deals she had to cut to secure a minority government have steadily come back to haunt her. Each deal has cut labor support and added to Coalition support. The Carbon Tax was enough on its own for Gillard to lose a few seats. The deal with Wilkie will lose her probably 3 – 5 seats in NSW, maybe 1 or 2 in Queensland. The Independents abandoned their voter base and joined Gillard simply to keep their seats and super payouts. Oakshott and Windsor are gone at the next election. Are you getting the drift guys? At each policy point Gillard is losing support when what she needs is to gain support. The polls have been around the 45 / 55 TPP since she folded to the Greens and gave them the Carbon Tax. The middle voters are now just calmly waiting to beat the crap out of her and labor whenever the poll is called. As far as maintaining the rage Ash, Bligh is going to the polls in December they reckon. With that defeat comes all the post mortems of what Federal policies contributed to her thrashing. Abbott is like a short order cook just flippin Gillards burgers….. move them to the front burner…. move them to the back burner … flip em to cook the other side.
    ….. remember when the Craig Thomson prostitute expose was a really bad week for Gillard . Craig gets moved to the front burner in a months time. Border Protection will be on the back burner until the end of the monsoon season ..and then the front burner. Getting the picture Ash? Abbott has more burgers than hot plate at the moment.

  4. Pip permalink

    For Geoff who blog hops sometimes….

    Julia Gillard’s carbon price promise
    by: Paul Kelly and Dennis Shanahan From: The Australian August 20, 2010 12:00AM

    JULIA Gillard says she is prepared to legislate a carbon price in the next term.
    It will be part of a bold series of reforms that include school funding, education and health.

    In an election-eve interview with The Australian, the Prime Minister revealed she would view victory tomorrow as a mandate for a carbon price, provided the community was ready for this step.

    “I don’t rule out the possibility of legislating a Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme, a market-based mechanism,” she said of the next parliament. “I rule out a carbon tax.”

  5. Pip permalink


    Peter Reith …Chris Corrigan…..waterfront… balaklavas…
    dogs…ex-SAS heavies …

    Godwin Grech, ex-Treasury mole…..Malcolm Turnbull…. Eric Abetz

    Children overboard…Peter Reith …again…

    John Howard….Tampa.

  6. Pip permalink



    Tony Abbott …..Peter Coleman, [husband of Prue Goward]…..Sharples
    Pauline Hanson….

    Abbott faces questions over Hanson slush fund
    Reporter: Heather Ewart

    A political furore has erupted over revelations that one of the Howard government’s most senior ministers, Tony Abbott, set up a slush fund to pay for legal challenges to Pauline Hanson and her party, One Nation.

    Despite repeated denials back in 1998, Mr. Abbott last night acknowledged
    to the ‘Sydney Morning Herald’ newspaper he’d raised almost $100,000
    in an atttempt to fund actions against One Nation.

    One Nation took 1 million votes from the Coalition.

    Tony Abbott is not a fit person to be Prime Minister.

  7. Geoff permalink

    We will see how Tony works out as PM. Labor thought he would be an easy beat as Opposition Leader. A Drovers Dog would look brilliant compared to the Rudd/Gillard/Independent/Green fiasco.

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