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Follow the money


You have probably been noticing a lot of ads from a group calling itself the ‘Australian Trade And Industry Alliance’. Sounds imposing! Even sounds like a legitimate group!

But who are they you wonder? What is this group that can afford to run an ad campaign that has run far longer then the governments own advertising campaign and can frequently pay the big bucks for prime time airings of a series of commercials supposedly from you and me.

I couldn’t find a website for this alliance. In fact, I found no reference of them existing prior to the announcement of pricing carbon. So who are they?

Well the info I finally found came from the Minerals Council of Australia.

The ATI Alliance includes the Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Australian Coal Association, Australian Retailers Association, Housing Industry Association, Manufacturing Australia and the MCA.

So this group is made out of a Liberal party mouth piece through the Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (don’t these guys think up the most convincing almost legitimate sounding group names?)

ACCI is of course the group that Tony Abbott runs to when he needs an economist to back his direct action plan and they have been vehemently anti pricing carbon since 1997 when it was first floated. For them its not about the science. Its about their profits.

But I seriously doubt these guys could pay for commercials! I mean the liberal party is almost broke! Lets skip the Australian Coal Association for a second. Yes they can easily pay. But surely 99% of their goods are exports so a carbon price burden on them, they can pass on to consumers, or take it as they are making billion dollar profits.

The Housing Industry Alliance have been saying that their businesses are barely surviving so they surely could not contribute a lot.

Retailers have been crying poor every time retail sales figures are compared to online sales, so surely they can not afford to pay either!

So that leave the big cashed up Minerals Council of Australia and the Australian Coal Association. Surprise surprise.

The ads they produce talk about this huge burden that will filter through the community if carbon was priced. But these guy sell off their goods OUTSIDE the economy. They are primarily exporters. None of the carbon price put on an export will affect the cost of a Tim Tam or Weet Bix.

There is great deception here.

This group has the most to lose. They will lose BILLIONS in profit. So of course they are going to fight pricing carbon at an cost.

But here is the kicker! If the carbon price comes in, guess what? The cost to campaign against the carbon price will be tax deductible for the group involved.

If they win, they make BILLIONS! And still claim a deduction re the campaign

The campaign can be as expensive as it needs to be because at the end of the day, it will not cost them a cent.

Don’t ya love Big Business.

This who saga re carbon pricing in Australia is a perfect example of the 1% sticking it to the 99% while pretending they are doing it to help us. 


A. Ghebranious 2011

  1. Jennifer Baratta permalink

    Not Really thanks Ash

  2. jane permalink

    They’re cashed up alright, to the tune of $10m apparently. Lies cost a lot of money, Ash.

  3. Trevor permalink

    Advertisements for cosmetics often seem to me to make claims that are nonsense and without foundation (no pun intended!). Such as the shampoo that is able to “nourish” the hair! Now we have a second area of advertising that makes claims that don’t stand up to scrutiny. Whatever happened to truth in advertising? Is it the case that powerful interests can now claim ANYTHING as the truth and repeat it and repeat it without ever needing to justify what they say?

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