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Reserve to Sender


Clubs Australia is only interested in the money it makes. Don’t you believe them when they say they are interested in helping communities. That is simply bullshit.

Don’t believe me? Try this at you local club. Go into the club and ask them what you need to do to register as a problem gambler. This is something clubs say that they do to help those in the community that have a habit and know it.

I did this for a play I was rehearsing for a few years ago. You will NOT believe the ‘help’ offered. Firstly, the club wanted me to be absolutely sure I had a problem. I assured them that if anyone knew it would be me. They kept asking me if I was sure. I said yes. They then told me that I can come back in a couple of days after I had a chance to think about it.

I assured them I had thought about it and to just give me the form. I started to fill it out when the guy came back and told me that I will not be able to lodge it today. I asked why not. He said I need to lodge pictures of myself so they can post to security so they can identify me if they caught me playing in the club. But wait. To get into your club, you guys took a picture of me and you have it on your computer. Its the same picture you printed on my card. Why cant you just use that picture?

We need photos from a third party he said. Fine. Here is one on my license. Sorry. That photo is the property of the RTA and we cant use it. WTF???

As it turned out, the help was aimed at every turn to prevent me from requesting it. The idea behind this was all problem gamblers have a moment of clarity. That is where they go to seek help. And that is where the clubs force them to ‘think’ and thereby break out of that moment of clarity. Then the gambler will be back and the club happy.

But the shocker of shockers was this. I was not enrolling in a scheme that would impose the club to make sure I did not gamble. I was asking to have my club membership cancelled. THAT was their policy. The fact that the club had entertainment, restaurants, and all this other stuff that they claim make up the club, if you don’t want to gamble at the pokies, they cancel your club membership.  

That is how they help problem gamblers. They don’t give them a membership card. That’s how they know they do not have problem gamblers because most people do not cancel their membership.

Go ahead. Enquire away at your local clubs. See the games these people play with people’s lives. They will argue that they need for the pokies to turn over billions annually so they can buy balls for the local rugby team. Its all a lie.

Clubs in this country began to expand in size, not to offer its patrons more facilities, but to put in more pokies.

The FIRST thing that assaults you as you enter these clubs is the sound of the gaming machines. At one time, these where upstairs or downstairs behind closed doors. Now they are placed close enough to march out of the doors if they spouted legs. The PA system no longer reports so much on club activities so much as to tell the entire club someone won something.

Now its the restaurants that are out of the way. The pool tables take up too much space. The dart board can take up valuable pokie machine floor space. So these activities are now pushed upstairs or downstairs.

So Clubs Australia want to play a game do they? They want to get all political do they? Well, time to teach them the power of one.

None of what I will detail here is illegal. None of it. You can not be thrown out of the club for NOT using a pokie machine. At least I hope you can not.

Walk into your local club. Order a free glass of water. Last thing you want to do is spend one single cent while you are there. Then saunter out to a machine, sit in front of it, and press the reserve button. Wait there. Wait there till the reserve stops and then press it again. Wait there. Wait until it stops and reserve it again. Keep doing this. Every minute you prevent money going into a pokie machine you kick Anthony Ball in his balls.

Eventually you may get nasty looks from people desperate to use the machine. Ignore them and keep reserving. If the club asks you to move, do so. Move to another machine and reserve that.

Ideally, you want to hit the club with about 40 of your friends. All sitting and reserving game machines to slow down the money the clubs are making. Ideally, your friends should all be water drinkers. Do not spend one single cent at the club and make sure your visit costs them money.

Would love to see this enacted Australia wide. Would love to see Clubs Australia cry over the loss of income.

Go to it Australia. Reserve to Sender.

A. Ghebranious 2011 (All Rights Reserved. Including my right to reserve)

  1. Jennifer Baratta permalink

    Oh dear! Sorry Ash

  2. Bilko permalink

    Ash Another suggestion for your campaign would be to sit at the machine place the big card that say you are away for a few minutes, walk away find another machine do the same. A few friends could support your endevours and when the complaints from agreived punters become strident then the club staff would have to go round removing all said cards and even ones put by a genuine pokie punter the agro would be warming the cockles of your heart and you can sip your iced water in comfort and watch the action/reaction. You could even add to the complaints like a genuine punter, Eddie Maguire eat your heart out.

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