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Lose – Lose. Win – Win.


Australia’s murky treatment of asylum seekers and genuine refugees still drives the country into a frenzy. We express our distaste at our politicians still and can not face our own part in all of this. When the planes hit those buildings, we panicked.

The irony of the current debate is people from both political persuasions have expressed concerns of human rights issues that we turned a tacit blind eye to when Nauru first passed through the house of parliament.

The offerings from our major parties is this. For the ALP, they attempt to emulate boat returns. For the opposition its a return to the boat phone and physically turning boats around.

For the ALP, they claim an agreement with a country that will take the 800 and offer them protections that meet human rights convention.

For the opposition, the last point of obligation is the shove back to sea. They are no protections or conventions offered and Indonesia has said it does not want them. Further, if they make it back to Indonesia, Indonesia is not a signatory of the UN which the opposition is against Malaysia for also not being.

So that is what is on offer. At least from the majors. The Greens want to see an end to offshore processing. But they face a struggle there. Not the fact that Australian’s are racist, although there are some in every pack. No. The struggle is we are human.

Show me one country in any moment of history and I will show a strong dislike of foreigners. Even those of the same skin color as you. There will ALWAYS be difference. And there has always been scapegoats.

Oh we cry! These foreign kids are studying harder and making our kids look stupid! Bloody foreigners! Look at these foreigners getting great jobs (ignoring the fact that they studied harder). Bloody foreigners! This is nothing new. But it points the finger at the real culprits. Its not the boat smugglers. Its not the asylum seekers. Its not the government or the opposition. It is us.

Always has been. Always will be.

Eventually we grow. We take a nation forward. Truly forward. This is one of them. We can actually turn this into a win – win.

We abandon off shore processing and process them here, on shore. And do it quickly and place genuine refugees into the community. We be good. We forgive ourselves and welcome them. And yes it will be hard. Yes there will be articles from Andrew Bolt. But for God’s sake, we can bare that! We will get more fear from some, but you fight fear with truth.

And yes. It will cost us money. But what a small price to pay to free our souls of this pain.

A. Ghebranious 2011 (All Rights Reserved)

  1. Jennifer Baratta permalink

    Thanks Ash for a new perspective.

  2. Simone permalink

    You wonder how it all came to this, don’t you? Well said.

  3. NormanK permalink

    What do you propose to do about the loss of life at sea?
    Is it more humane to turn a blind eye to boats crashing against the rocks at Christmas Island or disappearing without a trace?
    The figure reported yesterday was 4 lives lost for every 100 who make it. Is 4% an acceptable rate of attrition?

    • Again. How will turning boats around at sea lessen the lives lost? The claim that over 1000 have drowned over ten years of this is something. But the truth is 400 of them died on a boat turned around by Howard. Siev x

  4. If the Gillard Government has to embrace onshore processing, as now seems likely, then perhaps it could consider appealing to the various Christian church groups, in particular, to help in settling the asylum seekers in various communities.
    As I understand it, when asylum seekers start working in small communities they are accepted fairly rapidly.
    So far, the major Christian churches have been notably silent about extending a helping hand to asylum seekers.
    It is time for them to be challenged to show if they believe in “loving thy neighbour as they self”.

    • This is what I dont understand either. You could spend 40 mill on educating electorate re being more accepting. Maybe they believe that the ghost of Pauline Hanson is everywhere. Howard did nothing to address it as it got him votes. And now Abbott is playing the same race card under the guise of national interest an human rights.

  5. NormanK permalink

    I’m not sure where I gave the impression that I was advocating turning the boats around. Sorry if that was the impression you got. I have been following the Malaysian proposal since it was first put up and to my way of thinking it is the most creative, innovative solution that has been put up to date.
    I don’t know why people can’t shake of the preconception that this scheme is based on xenophobia or populist accommodation to West Sydney voters.
    The department believes that one or two flights to Malaysia will deter sea trips. Malaysia is in the midst of significant reforms with regard to human rights and would be encouraged to move further and more quickly if we were able to engage more fully with them and other neighbours who have similar irregular traveller problems.

    • The greens had spread the illusion that it was a immoral option. From the get go they have complained about the protections incorporated into the plan, but said nothing in that its purpose was to emulate what Howard’s turning of boats to sea did without drowning. The greens have been duplicitous in this and have turned it into giving the illusion that Abbott is on the left of Gillard in this issue.

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