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Child Psychology?


How do you make a hyperactive child go to bed? Tell them not to go to bed.

How do you get Tony Abbott to vote for onshore processing. By offering him offshore processing.

At least I hope that is what is going on. Otherwise, I might try the liquid this time Prime Minister.

A. Ghebranious 2011 (All Rights Reserved)

  1. Jennifer Baratta permalink

    Thanks Ash good luck!

  2. patriciawa permalink

    I think Julia Gillard has Abbott cornered on this one. If he says ‘Yes’ she can go ahead with proving that the Malaysian solution will work, encouraging regional cooperation on the boats and the processing and treatment of refugees and at the same time accept more refugees here.. UNHCR will give her a big tick for that, as will most people of good will and good sense. If he says NO! she can go along with many in her party and apparently a fair majority of the country at large with on-shore processing and still keep working on regional cooperation with UNHCR on the asylum seeker/refugee problem ,so there are disincentives to come by boat. It’ll be slower, but at least she’ll be able to point the finger at Abbott if meanwhile there are disasters.

    Commentators probably won’t let her have a win either way, but I don’t think our Prime Minister is as obsessessed with the next election outcome as most of the media seem to be or to imagine that she is. I loved the way she offered Abbott the opportunity to be bi-partisan on this. Talk about a challenge! How the hell can a journalist with two eyes and two ears and a nose for a story describe that as pleading?

    Julia Gillard is savvy, wise,
    She’s garnering those all important “Ayes!”
    While Abbott, puts on his usual show
    And says, guess what? “NO! NO! NO! NO! NO!!!”

  3. patriciawa permalink

    PS – Meant to start this by saying I loved your angle on this. Noni’s story and the cartoon are perfect picks!

  4. Riddlemethis permalink

    This lady is going down in history as a brilliant politician IMO. I pondered months ago in a tweet whether this wasn’t a crafty ploy to get on-shore processing. I’m hoping hard it’s the case. And that when it’s done, she points across the benches, points, laughs & says ‘sucked in’!

  5. Ash, where did you get this video, it is hilarious. Thanks

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