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10 Years on.


I was up late. Channel 9 had continued to put West Wing on later and later at night. The show started. I remember seeing that. Then I must have dozed off.

I woke up and looked at the screen and the clock. Only 10 minutes since the show had started. What have I missed. Wow. They certainly are going to no expense with the special effects I thought. Then I caught the banner. I don’t remember seeing a banner in West Wing. I readjusted my glasses and read it. This was NOT part of the show.

I stayed up. Couldn’t sleep. I called my sister. Not sure if she was awake. She was. We talked. My brother was in Singapore. Our parents were in Egypt visiting family.

The next day I went to work. I had my brief case with me. The one I had for months before on the same train to the same workplace. But this time, I got to sit in my own seat. People actually avoided sitting next to me. The would look at the case and walk back a step.

Why? Well apparently the next terrorist attack will be a brief case sized nuke. And I of course had the first sign of a terrorist. I was not white.

So ten years on. I take the briefcase with me sometimes to see reactions. I still get stares. And I still get a seat. What have we learnt over the last ten years? No I am not talking about the ‘enemy’. I am talking about us.

Our asylum seeker policy is very much a knee jerk reaction to a humanitarian problem. And instead of helping them, we opted to lock them up. Hell! They may have one of those brief cases right?

The tragedy that occurred on September 11, 2001, was over for 3000+ souls in an hour. For the rest of the world population, we have lived with the pain and the tragedy for 10 years.

We have created laws that allow us to lock up people seeking freedom because they are not the same colour or religion as us. We continue to do what those people on those planes sought to do – make an example.

So ten years on. And what have we learnt?

Humans are such a screwed up species. Lets celebrate that ‘the war’ is over. That is until we start the next one.

A. Ghebranious 2011 (All Rights Reserved)

  1. Jennifer Baratta permalink

    Thanks Ash! NYer

  2. Bilko permalink

    Ash we have learnt nothing and forgotten everything. Like you that night I was lying in bed just switching channels before going to sleep and I thought a disaster movie was on, soon woke up to the reality of it all, don’t remember if I went to sleep however I did switch on the video recorder. For a moment it took me back to the JFK assignation I was at work then and the wife rang me. This time I just nudged her awake.

  3. Pip permalink

    Ash., you’re right of course, the asylum seekers arriving by boat never leave home without their briefcases. 🙂

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