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Poll Pinata


Roll up roll up! Bring a stick and a blindfold and take a swing! It’s polling day! And polling day is whacking day!

The ALP is well and truly past the point of no return. This does not mean that they will not get to where they are going to. It just means that they have no fuel to turn back.

If it does not get to the next oasis it needs to restock and replenish, then many of the caravan will be lost. Nor can it afford to retreat.

In a way, again the ALP has cornered itself.

The reality is, it was not the polls that was making the caucus get shirky with Kevin Rudd; it was the excuse they used to justify why they did what they did. Any other way would get personal. And boy oh boy has it not been that way ever since.

The irony came soon after the removal of Rudd when one recent usurper accused a new one of usurping. The coalition was angry. They had just spent a load of money on new lemon commercials and everything!

The new comer had a very small window before the election button was pushed. Hardly enough time to actually come up with substantial policy review before the need to come up with a whole new load of direction changes. As the veneer of some of the hastily made announcements snapped off in the hands of the announcer, the coalition smelt a kill.

On their own, you would think it was these that you could point to as the start of the fall. Instead it came from an interview with a shock jock with the PM where a word was phrased and her fate sealed in regards to the focus of debate.

It may seem like doom and gloom. It should look like that. But really?

The leader of the opposition has been relentless in his blind swinging at the pinata. Many of the blows hit, but did not break it open.

In fact if you look at the polls, most of the drops have been a result of events outside of the coalition. As the world markets plunged, so did the polls. As a boat broke into a reef, the polls plunged. As a flood raged, the polls plunged.

Likewise, when ever something good happens, rare as that it is these days, in the polls re a lift, it is mostly due to something instigated by the party and not the world.

As for asylum seekers, well this was an accident waiting to happen for ten years. Off shore processing should never have been. Now we got both major parties playing with this self same issue ten years after they began this path.

Personally, I am proud to be an Australian. I am proud to live in a country that others see from the other side of the world as a beacon of hope and a place to live in peace.

So it eats into my soul that we have off shore processing as an option. Again we are back to punishing the victims and not the criminals. Again we lift the doors of fort Australia and stick heads on a pike in either Nauru or Malaysia or where ever.

The detainees on the Tampa suffered the wrath wrought by terrorists and their exile to no where was applauded by another term for Howard.

Ever since then, we have known no peace. No real peace. Deep in our heart we are ashamed. When the government took a hit from the High Court, we had an opportunity to offload our shame onto the ALP. And so the results of the last lot of polls.

There is a way out. And media antagonists still spit venom at each other and both know the danger, so they will change the migration act re children for sure. Now before you all go off into nutville, this needs to be there in the case a person claiming to be a child and a refugee turns out to be a child but no refugee or have a security check problem. We cant keep them here till they turn 18 and then deport them.

But I really do hope what they do is push for community detention for those assessed as refugees. Quicker periods of assessment so they minimise the use of mandatory detention. More money spent in financing policing of smugglers then in spent locking up their cargo is the only real way to address this issue in a way that would remove that pain from my soul on this issue.

As for the PM, well, she now has to wear the results. People will hate her more and more probably if the media have their way. So be it.

She will take all those blows, all that angst. All that spite. She has to. And when the next election is done and if her fate is as sealed as the polls say, she will step away from politics and take with her all that hate leaving room for the party to renew.

Of course the oasis may yet be found. Politics is a fickle animal. Although the polls are dire for the PM, if you are a glass half full kind of person, you might also argue that the public still are emotionally affected by the PM. Although the glass half empty folks will point out that that is not the emotional response you want.

So the PM is left dangling as the ALP pinata and the blindfolded kiddies all take a turn trying to rip open her guts. And if the pinata is knocked down, then the other party gets to don the blind folds and the wild swings.

I just hope the polls keep us informed of the accidents too.

A. Ghebranious 2011 (All Rights Reserved)

  1. Jennifer Baratta permalink

    Here is to hoping you way of thinking wins

  2. Pip permalink

    Ash., do you happen to know how many other countries lock up their asylum seekfers.

    I’ve heard it is none, and they have tens of thousands seeking safety.
    Italy, Spain and Greece are in this situation as well as many other
    countries, and here we are, locking up the fewest in number.

  3. debbiep permalink

    Another good piece ash

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