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Say “NO” to Tony Abbott Week.


Okay! Its officially unofficial! ‘Say “NO” to Tony Abbott week is unofficially official! It will need you good readers to get it to viral status in the social media so here is the FACEBOOK page link.

This is an open nation wide campaign! I urge all to think of some way they can promote the cause and do something every day culminating in the grand celebration I want as many people to celebrate!

I know I have not really given much notice, but I reckon in the middle of September is when the Carbon Price bill will be introduced so a week of public support for it will only help!

Now the idea is to do whacky, but safe (and legal) things. Get a group and wear budgie smugglers at lunch in the park. (Over your trousers is fine). Walk around with big fake ears pouting and saying ‘No’ over and over. What ever think of!

But I got a GREAT idea for the final day. Sunday the 17th. What I want to see is a “Convoy of Confident No’s”. Hell even I will try to get out of the house for this!

You don’t need trucks! Think ROMPER ROOM! I want to see a fleet of cardboard boxes made to look like trucks.

We can roll up and ‘drive’ onto the lawns of Parliament House for that ‘Say “YES” to Sanity’ protest someone bandied about earlier this year. Picnic arvo. Someone may have to help me with the logistics as I have trouble catering for a poker game.

Who is with me? Hell who can actually help this become a reality? Would love to see 3000 plus people in a kaleidoscope of cardboard trucks dancing to a mass group karaoke version of ‘Convoy’.

Here is the tune! Learn the lyrics! And get trucking!

  1. Catching up permalink

    Like the idea. Unable to get to Canberra.

    Good luck

  2. Space Kidette permalink

    A big ‘NO’ to you Tony Abbott. Take your empty policy cupboard, your empty rhetoric, and your lies and stick them where ‘Shit Happens’

  3. jane permalink

    NO! to Smuggles 365 days a year! NO! to Smuggles 7 days a week! NO! to Smuggles 60 minutes of every hour! NO! to Smuggles every second of every minute!

  4. From a Crikery blogger a day or so ago (can’t remember who, sorry…)
    “Julia Achieves, Tony Deceives!”

  5. Jennifer Baratta permalink

    Best of luck Ash not on Face book. Hope your message gets through.

  6. Min permalink

    Good one Ash. πŸ™‚ Catching up has already spread the word over to our Cafe Whispers blog.

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