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Spy vs Spy


Politics is a dirty business. The government needs some clean air. The coalition want to keep the air toxic as Tony would say. So the ALP are making a claim that the coalition is running a dirty tricks campaign. The coalition of course are claiming the accusation of a dirty tricks campaign is a dirty trick. You get the drift.

The latest accusation is about New Zealand apples and foreign dairy products apparently

Libs accused of dirty tricks over Thomson citizenship query

Federal Labor has hit out at the Coalition for questioning whether besieged backbencher Craig Thomson is eligible to sit in parliament.

Liberal Senator Concetta Fierravanti-Wells says Mr Thomson and fellow MP Darren Cheeseman were recently sent letters questioning their eligibility because they might not have revoked their New Zealand citizenship.

Labor sources say they have checked that Mr Thomson – who is currently under investigation for allegedly misusing a union credit card to pay for prostitutes – is no longer a New Zealander.

Mr Cheeseman insists he is eligible and says the letter was from a law firm he had never heard of.

“I actually just assumed it was just a normal fishing expedition undertaken by the Liberal Party,” he said.

“Given how down in the gutter the Liberal Party have got this week, I’m not surprised.”

Senator Fierravanti-Wells will not say why she is raising the citizenship question.

“I just simply … understand that certain correspondence was sent and I’m just asking the question, ‘Is this an important matter that needs to be clarified?’,” she said.

“I understand Mr Thomson and another ALP member have been sent correspondence giving them 21 days to respond.”


I think the coalition are indeed running one of the most dirtiest campaigns I can remember. Sure some will mention moments in history when one incident or another took low blows, but this has been relentless and from day 0. Remember this?

Coalition accused of dirty tricks campaign

  • By Simon Benson

LIBERAL and National Party branch members are believed to be behind an orchestrated scare campaign in the local seats of the three independents, in a further sign that the Coalition believes its chances of forming government are slipping away.

Sources close to the independents have confirmed that their electoral offices had been flooded with “suspect” calls which they believed had been made by local Liberal or National Party members.

The calls warned they risked their seats by supporting a Labor-Greens government. A pattern of phrases being used by the callers, such as: “I voted for him, I won’t do it again if he supports a Labor Greens government”, has led them to believe it was part of a co-ordinated campaign.

Read more:

At this stage I am once more reminded of the words of Bob Hawke when he talked about examining form before last years Election. I believe the coalition have been reaching into the tricks bag ever since then.

Abbott has hopped around the country, ears akimbo, doing a good job of uttering the word ‘No’. Meanwhile, his team of political spies have been reaching into the dirt files looking for something to fill in the time when Abbott’s campaign falters.

Surprisingly for Abbott, he managed to restrain himself for a period of some time from erring, but of late there has been a series of problems.

The carbon tax issue is losing the heat it had. The mining tax no longer seems something one can argue against. And people actually like the NBN!

Still, he has his ground over the governments Malaysia solution with it stalled in the courts. Of course this is good and bad. Good in that the government is stifled.

But bad in that while it is an issue in front of the courts, the coalition can not really do much to talk about it and neither can the papers.

Their timing was good re the Craig Thomson story. One they had investigated for some time it appears. And Tony needed something to distract from a $70 billion dollar black hole.

Thomson news filled the airwaves and for almost 3 weeks, the media in this country had filled the coalition’s black hole with a juicy scandal with sex in it. Quickly policy was forgotten. No longer was this about a carbon price or a mining tax but who paid for what.

And while the allegations are dire for Craig Thomson and could still be so for the ALP, it is not about to force a change of government. Yet that is not what the media would have us believe. It’s a ticking time bomb says Grahame Richardson.

Nah Richo. It is not. At its heart is a series of factional friction. And if I recall, you went through your fair share of factional friction and look where you are now?

Damaging? Sure. It reminds NSW voters in particular of the last bitter factional friction in the last ALP government. It tars Thomson’s political career and certainly puts a cap on its length. And while the tar will be shared as the Prime Minister clings on to him, it is nothing the PM can get washed off.

The coalition on the other hand are running out of stuff in the dirt file. They may have some more to step on Thomson, but in a game of show and tell, variety is the spice of life.

It is interesting then that they latest line of attack is not about more credit card details or written statuary declarations from women of the night, but a claim that Darren Cheeseman and Craig Thomson are really from New Zealand.

I presume they coalition held on to this dirt till a specific mourning period post the New Zealand mining tragedy and then later the earthquakes subsided.

Perhaps they also saw an opportune time as there is a lot of angry talk about apples from New Zealand in some parts of the country and somehow this will be shown as some conspiracy by New Zealand to implant politicians in this country and take it over from the inside.

Damn I am good at this. There is a time limit here for Tony Abbott and he is running out of it. For all his bluster and poll popularity, he has not convinced or been able to win over the independents to join him. Nor has he been able to stop the rolling reforms.

Big Tobacco, an organisation that has deep pockets and massive political pull has been unable to stop the legislation and the coalition for all its bluster and resistance capitulated as they had with many of the reforms they openly denounce and quietly support.

Abbott’s problem is he has spent the last year abusing the independents and now he needs their support. But he knows he will never get it. Not to stop a price on carbon or a mining tax. And that leaves the coalition right smack dab where they started before the Thomson cloud cover aided them. In a 70 billion dollar black hole.

There is still a mist and a cloud that trails Thomson, and yes, the government is being denied its chance to crow its successes for fear that they over crow or it becomes a good idea that fails in implementation again. Or they can not because they are too busy defending coalition barbs.

It will be interesting to see if what we saw from the Prime Minister in the last question time continues. She was strong and feisty. Witty and devastating. Julia Gillard’s success is from her parliamentary performance. Who ever tells her she has to tone that down or even hide it away is a fool.

She will need to discover that she does not need to fear this side of her as it is a major skill she has. And I think she is big enough and old enough to know when to use it and when to pull it back. I would advise her to spend less time returning attention to Tony Abbott.

She does not need to (and she always does) remind people of opposition policy. In fact, what she should be saying is well this is our policy and lay it out and finish it with you will need to ask Tony about the coalition policy and then you can compare the two.

This will mean the media will now have to go to Tony and ask him what his policy is. Currently the Prime Minister is telling the media (and the public) so the media (and the public) don’t question the coalition about their policy. And whenever the coalition are asked about their policy, the seem the most shaky.

Also the less time you spend talking about coalition policy, the more time you have to talk about your own.  Or you can both buy matching black and white hats. 

Problem though the policy itself is not black or white. 

A. Ghebranious 2011 (All Rights Reserved)

  1. Geoff, Come straight from Menzies House did you? You have just proven Ash’s point to a ‘T’. That is, the Coalition, and their supporters, are empty vessels. They have no policies worth a damn that don’t favour the economic elites. All they do have are persoanl insults and smears.

  2. Jennifer Baratta permalink

    War coming WW1 started someting like this so has Civil Wars neither was Civil or good for families. and here comes the worst part no one wins everyone loses and the lose of a child hurts worse then givig birth.

  3. Pip permalink

    I agree with Victoria; Geoff is probably using the Menzies House talking points, all of which are inaccurate.
    The “batts disaster” was actually not a disaster, and the statistics prove it.
    The Orgill Report on the BER is not something that Menzies House will ever quote because it doesn’t fit with their agenda or that of their far Right founder, Senator Cory Bernardi.
    The NBN is happening and it will serve the country for many many decades to come.
    The Menzies /IPA parrots who speak for the biggest corporations and the Coalition, prefer to rely on the free market to build infrastructure, but that would never include distant places, which is what the government is prepared to do.
    The most persistent of the Coalition supporters is Ltd News followed by the ABC, who keep asking why the government isn’t “cutting through” with the news of the 185 pieces of legislation which have been passed since last August.

    They know damn well why; it’s because they won’t report it.
    If they did they would have to report on Coalition policies of which there ae none !

  4. jane permalink

    Legendary Treasurer, Geoff. I presume you mean Wayne Swan who has just been voted the world’s best Treasurer? Couldn’t be poor old Tip-$5bn down the gurgler in currency swaps and another $5bn flogging off our gold reserves for bargain basement prices?

    The copper network is stuffed, you twonk and wireless is OK if you’re right next to a tower and don’t have to share with anyone else. Feel free to keep using the illiterate LIEberal “mix” of dumb and dumber, the rest of us will be in the 21st century.

    And won’t the Smuggles Set and their nutbag cheerleaders be sobbing into their beer when an enquiry into media ownership concludes that that sad psychopath Emperor Rupert has to have the crown removed. That’s when he gets out of a British gaol.

    Sad days for the LIEberal mob of incompetent liars then. Smuggles, Sloppy, Barnyard and Co called on their lies and asked to cough up costed policies not Smuggles brain farts! Better practice weeping into your beer.

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