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Goodness Gracious! Great Balls of Grechness!


Politics keeps bring the hits! This is a great classic that occasionally keeps coming up.

If you listen to the opposition and you read some newspapers, you would swear it is all over red rover for one Craig Thomson MP. Credit card slips, subpoenaed statements and now a HSU official complaint.

Thomson unlikely to be charged, experts say

THE besieged Gillard government has accused the opposition of attempted political interference in the Craig Thomson case.

With the NSW Fraud Squad not expected to announce until next week if it will launch an investigation into allegations of credit card misuse by Mr Thomson during his time as the national secretary of the Health Services Union, legal experts have questioned whether a criminal offence had occurred.

Senior Labor figures in Victoria have threatened recriminations against the HSU. Sources said they were looking at ways to deal with the union.

Ian Dobinson, a criminal law lecturer at the University of Technology, Sydney, said it was unlikely Mr Thomson would face a fraud charge under the NSW Crimes Act as suggested by the federal shadow attorney-general, George Brandis.

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So someone somewhere maybe trying to make political something out of nothing here. And in Senator Brandis’ steamroller attempt to knock down Craig Thomson, it appears he may have acted foolishly.

But leave all that aside, lets good to the really good bits.

Kathy Jackson it turns out is ex wife of one Jeff Jackson. Jeff Jackson is reported to have paid back $15,000 to the HSU in overpayments on credit card misuse. The same charge she is pursuing against Craig Thomson. Jeff Jackson was accused in 2009 of credit card misuse by one Pauline Fegan

Now Victorian official accused

ONE of Victoria’s most powerful union leaders has been accused of using his union credit card to pay for escort services.

The allegation against Jeff Jackson, the secretary of the Health Services Union No. 1 branch, is the latest in a bitter fight for control of the union.

Last April, Fegan and Jeff Jackson lost their positions in the union with what Crikey describes as a ‘eastern states conglomerate’

Health Services Union in controversial merger

ALP National President Michael Williamson has launched an audacious bid for control of the troubled Victorian wing of the Health Services Union, creating an eastern states conglomerate run by factional ally and the union’s national secretary Kathy Jackson.

The HSU’s national council met in Sydney yesterday to pass the changes, which will see the Victorian No. 1 and No. 3 branches dissolved and merged into a new super-entity, or “eastern branch” run from Sydney. Under the terms of the merger, around 15,000 Victorian members will be effectively absorbed into the 35,000-strong NSW branch.

Williamson will oversee the new entity, with Kathy Jackson serving as executive president.


Kathy Jackson by this stage was no longer married to Jeff Jackson. She is now with one Michael Lawler who by bizarre twist is a vice-president of the Australian Industrial Relations Commission and a member of Fair Work Australia.

Coincidence huh?

But the soap opera continues apparently with Kathy Jackson reporting finding a dirt covered shovel after a knock on her door.

So a story that started this week with this headline thanks to a timely courtesy call by Senator Brandis

Police consider investigating Craig Thomson credit card claims

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by weeks end had denigrated  to

Police seize shovel as Thomson furore deepens

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And this morning, the coalition had obviously capitulated. Noticing that their legal attack was blunting and turning in on itself, they opted with one last attempt to topple the member for Dobell. That he is in fact not an aussie but a kiwi! And that the PM apparently knew all about the fraud!

Well it did not take too long for both porkies to be laid to rest when fact hit the table.

Records undermine latest Thomson attack

Attempts by the Opposition to have the Prime Minister explain why one of her staff made inquiries into the Craig Thomson affair in 2009 have hit a snag.

News Limited reported this morning that Julia Gillard’s chief of staff called the industrial registrar in 2009 to ask if he was investigating the besieged Labor MP, who has been accused of misusing a union credit card to pay for prostitutes.

This prompted renewed attacks from Opposition Leader Tony Abbott, who claimed it showed Ms Gillard had known about the matter for a long time.

But official records contradict the reported chain of events, and show an Opposition senator knew of the communications more than a year ago.

Parliamentary records show it was actually the registrar, Douglas Williams, who made contact with Ben Hubbard, Ms Gillard’s chief of staff while she was minister for workplace relations.

Hansard shows the registrar contacted Ms Gillard’s office on April 8, 2009 after a newspaper report claimed Mr Thomson had misused his Health Services Union (HSU) credit card.

The two parties agreed it would be “inappropriate to discuss the matter further”.

There is a deep scent of soap opera in all this. A fusion of myth and conjecture wrapped up in a big turd bow. Hopefully the police will lay this saga to rest one way or another.

If Thomson has a case to answer so be it. But it appears to me that the coalition believe this to no longer be the case. It is problematic for the coalition because if they can’t talk about Craig Thomson MP, they might be forced to speak about their 70 billion dollars in budget cuts.

It’s just people are starting to see through their attempt to distract. It’s all in the patter people.

A. Ghebranious 2011 (All Rights Reserved)

  1. jane permalink

    “Curiouser and curiouser”, said Alice.

    “Worserer and worserer!” sooked the Smuggles Set.

    “All the better to smash you with!” cried Red Riding Gillard.

  2. Michael permalink

    The Opposition Leader, the Shadow Treasurer, and a Coalition Senator, caught out not only in telling bald-faced lies (well, I never!), but shown how those lies were the icing on a cake they’ve been baking since February 2010.

    And what will happen, who will take notice?

    Nobody at all who should, which is to say every little soul out there in ‘fair dinkum land’ who still hasn’t twigged that Shouldabeen PM Tiny Abbott and his coven is headed for Level 10 of Malebolge in Dante Alighieri’s Inferno (although Levels 8 and 9 look accommodating for the type, too).

    Very appositely named Malebolge by the poet, though I am sure budgie smuggling and attempting to pronounce that word in English is only an accident of phonetics.

  3. Catching up permalink

    Maybe Mr. Abbott has stopped going up, up up. Maybe from now on it ia all down, down, down.

  4. Great stuff, Ash. Thanks.

  5. Jennifer Baratta permalink

    Here we go. Irene hiting east Coast of US where I am rain and wind.Thanks ASH!

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