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Order in the House??!??


Something befell parliament on its return from its winter break. Order. Well it happened when Harry asked at least. Although sometimes he had to add a second ‘Order’ in there.

Those expecting a censure, myself included, were disappointed as the coalitions attack strategy was dulled by a PM who refused to play ball.

The coalition planned to attack the PM through the promise to return the budget to surplus and linking that to the promise made about the carbon tax.

She deftly turned that to the coalition who’s own promise to return the budget to surplus has blown out from $11 billion dollars to a staggering $70 billion. The ALP used this attack stick whenever the coalition came close.

The mood of the House was different from the get go. The tittering seemed to be down quite a lot which I did not expect with the questions posed.

In the end the PM seemed much more in control then she has been and shared the podium with ministers for health, for aging, and the treasurer.

The home crowd did not seem to help the coalition return to their menacing form nor did Harry himself who wielded much more authority and got it from both sides although he did have to turn off the treasurer’s mic when he continued to debate in his reply.

I must say the civility of it all shocked me a little and may have the coalition back in a huddle trying to work out a new strategy under what seems a changed house. I say this because when Harry did have to ask for order, he got it although in some cased begrudgingly. I would say that a memo has been written by Harry and distributed through the house and the MP’s are on their best behaviour as requested. Lets see if it holds out.

For coalition supporters, I think it was an uncomfortable performance for their team. The coalition never really got off the mark although Joe did have a doozy of a question that Laurie Oakes tweeted as ‘a torpedo at HMAS Gillard’. But the PM not only defused the torpedo, she reprogrammed it and sent it back at Joe with 70 billion tonnes of TNT.

The other great disappointment for coalition supporters is that questions on the Health reform package, Disability Reform and Aging reform all came as Dorothy Dixers. The coalition did not have ONE question about any of these important issues at all. Maybe they are still going over the detail, or maybe they have 70 billion other reasons to worry about that is stopping them from addressing these issues.

Still, it is clear the coalition have to get on more then the climate change pony as three other policy ponies have hit the tracks and the coalition do not seem to be able to speak about anything other than the carbon tax. Yes the government gave the coalition a good run on their anti-carbon tax run, but that one pony doesn’t have the legs to run a 3 year race.

So ends day one of Question Time of the new post winter parliamentary session. As decision meets delivery, I am sure we are in for a very warm spring.

A. Ghebranious 2011 (All Rights Reserved)

  1. Jennifer Baratta permalink

    Wow! Ash that sounds nothing like my Congress congrats

  2. 2353 permalink

    Could it be that people have recently seen the British House in session during and immediately after their riots and given Australian Politicians the message that some order, debating the issue not the poltics and decorum is required

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