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Game on some more!


Woohoo!!! Federal Politics restarts this week with question time tomorrow after a 5 week break!

Line ups are the same in all sides although there has been a sliding shift in fan base. Seems the coalition hate the greens one year and support them the other. I think.

Mean whilst, be safe Australia as we continue to lock up any pesky asylum seekers that might want to actually have a life. Sorry Asylum seekers! All life has been fully budgeted and fully costed and you dont get any of it!

Speaking of which, it seems the coalition have finally admitted that they bungled their fully costed, fully budgeted election! Treasury pointed out that the coalition had a $11 billion dollar error last year. Joe Hockey and Tony Abbott got very angry! So angry that they now want to sack treasury as a department as well as the Department of Climate Change.

And good timing too as they need to make around $70 billion dollars in cuts! By the coalition’s OWN razor gang figures, the coalition needs to find $27 billion to reverse the mining rent resource tax AND the carbon price.

Weird huh? It is actually going to cost them $27 billion to stop them. This is not a matter of stopping a tax, but in compensating industry that have already pre paid that. But the real deal is in the maths. Remember how the coalition called Treasury liars for saying they had a $11 billion dollar black hole? Well what the coalition is doing now is preparing a budget over 4 years.

So lets have a little look at the maths shall we? 70 minus 27 equals 43. And if I divide 43 by 4 I get; roughly; a $11 billion black hole for four years. Think about this Australia.

The coalition, who went to an election claiming their promises where all fully audited and fully costed seems to have been lying from the get go.

Further, this mob then turned on the PM calling HER a liar for breaking a promise while they try and float their $11 billion a year black hole boat.

In other news, there maybe a new placard that you will see at protests. ‘Tony Abbott! Bob Brown’s fracking biatch’. Oh how karma comes in a moment you hoped it would not. Abbott spent a friday on air with his man friend Alan Jones.

Alan Jones it seems is the real leader of the coalition. He told Tony to support the farmers re vetoing miners from setting up on their land and Abbott, always on the slimy lookout to lick out a baby for a vote, agreed with his master of copulation, Mr Jones.

After both men… came… to an agreement on the issue, Abbott went off to WA to tell miners how much he loves to run his tongue through their butt creases and that is what is making the country great, albeit one half of the nations economy has the runs.

Sometime during both, the greens came into play with Bob Brown saying he will run a veto bill in parliament. Oh where to go for the Tony ‘No’ show? Should he back the miners who’s taste is on the tip of his tongue, or should he strip naked and join the greens in a congo veto line? And will he support a move to take away a states rights on the matter?

So after standing next to a sign that called the Prime Minister Bob Brown’s bitch, Tony Abbott is now standing in front of a similar sign. The big question on all lips is has Harry had a good rest? Because it seems come question time tomorrow, there will be a lot stuff hitting a lot of fans!

See you at the game political fans!


A. Ghebranious  2011 (All heights deserved)

  1. Jennifer Baratta permalink

    Thanks Ash

  2. denkin60 permalink

    Ash I guess it wasn’t one of Tony’s carefully scripted statements that we should believe. It was the usual type.

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