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The Trouble With Humanity or More Four Letter Words.


Hello again readers! It seems humans continue to do their human stuff to one another. In the UK, a incident of human stupidity activated the silicon switch in many of our heads. Cause for this violence was answered with ‘because’: an interesting enough cause in deed.

Political parties and organisations around the world are already feasting on the corpses of the dead. The lefties did it the righties say. And the lefties instead point at the right. Each hiding individual logs in their eyes and pointing out the speck in the eyes of others. It is bizarre how easily some are accustomed to blame someone or something.

Well you can stop looking! I know what the answer is. I know what it is that makes us dangerous.

It all comes down to two four lettered words we bandy about with ease. No, not the ‘C’ word or the ‘F’ word. No. People. I am talking about far more disgusting words that kill with a kiss. I am talking about love. Well love and its so called twin, hate.

Goosebumps. Thats what most of us get when we hear a tale of self sacrifice. You know. The story when someone so loves’s someone else, they are willing to sacrifice their own lives for them. What is that saying we love to worship? Oh yes.

Greater love has no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends. – John 15:13

Isn’t that sweet. And nice too. Love is all we need right?

Be nice wouldn’t it? All you need is love is nice expect for the fact that with love comes the inevitable hate.

I want to at this stage also point out this oh humans. Firstly, there is no such thing as love at first sight. Sorry. It’s rubbish. You can have attraction at first sight, but it is not until you know someone truly can you even start to love them.  Love takes time to grow.

Yet, in regards to hate, well you don’t even need to know anyone to hate them. In fact hate tends to flow very easily. That’s because if you actually know them, then it makes it harder for you to hurt them.

You can tell when hate starts to flow. You hear terms like ‘these people’ and ‘us and them’ and ‘assimilate’ and ‘culturally offensive’. You hear radio shock people not happy with actions of some and therefore asking their listeners to rise up and do the same to ‘those’ people. In fact, if there is no hate in the community, you can create your own simply by generalising about them. 

Political parties feed of this hate. They nurture such divides and allow them to flourish. For example after 200 years of occupation and disassociation by White Australians upon  aboriginals, you actually had some whites (and a former Prime Minister being one) who claimed apologising for the past made them feel guilty. Imagine that. 

The poor blame the rich. The rich blame the poor. But the real blame is an element of genetics deep within ourselves.

Why is it so hard for us to love and so easy for us to hate. Why do you need to really love someone before you can say you are willing to die for them, but you don’t even have to have met someone to be willing to kill them.

What is it about us and the way we are designed that makes it easy for someone to go from model citizen to murderer in milliseconds, but takes us YEARS to truly learn to love?

Oddly enough, I think it is a survival instinct. Irony is it not? To call the willingness to kill others a survival instinct. But it is true.

It reminds us all that we are creatures of animal evolution, not divine resolution. Unless of course it means divine resolution also included this hate flaw we are marked with. Which kind of makes me think divine resolution is a nasty bastard. But then, are we not made in the image of this nasty bastard? And haven’t we turned out like a chip off the old block?

But also maybe this flaw is our gift. A gift to remind us how easily it is for that flaw to take over a given situation.

The problem though is we never really see that till after the event. During the event, the flaw steps in to take away logic and thought process. It really does become a ‘us and them’ moment.

When buildings fell in 2001, rage and revenge developed from a loss of love. How we raged and dispensed mighty revenge. We killed others with impunity all in the name of love. And in this action that we sought to temper justice, we created people who wailed in mourning over the loss of love. And how they raged and dispensed mighty revenge.

The circle of life. The breeding of one injustice to fuel another that in turn and time will no doubt breed another. Millions of people dead all for love and the hate inspired by its loss.

Humans do not like to talk about this flaw inside us. We hope we can learn what is right and wrong before it overtakes us. But we sit in our cars and as the car in front of us overtakes us or cuts us off, we rage and dream of dispensing mighty revenge. We train that gene.

Why? Because if the species is to survive, it needs to learn to kill. If it balks from being able to kill, the species will fail. We hate because we love, and we love because we hate.

My fear though is what helped us survive while still living in the trees will not work while living in cities. Not only have we developed faster and further then any other species, we have now eliminated non species predators. It is now we that prey on each other.

And that is the danger that surrounds us. We now use this survival instinct of learning to kill against one another. Well when I say now, I mean since Adam was a boy. The old testament is a text that crosses three of our major denominations and yet so often we miss the tale it is trying to tell us.

In the tale of Gensis, Adam and Eve broke a rule. The result was banishment. One generation later, Man goes from disrespect for authority to murdering their own brother.

Likewise in the UK, rioters have gone from disrespect to murderous all for a new pair of shoes.

When will we come to grips with the fact that humans can justify anything they want, even murder and death. We take life out of the rage we felt when our lives are hit by loss. We then seek to ‘share’ this hurt by taking the lives of others and watching their families mourn. And of course this will breed the lovely game we have today. Death by justification.

The sooner we remind ourselves how dangerous we are, the sooner we can do something about it. When are we going to swallow our pride and point the blame at ourselves? 

It’s just one more in the name of love right?  

A. Ghebranious 2011 (All rights reserved)

PS! The answer to the riddle in the last blog is they are the same! There. Answered as promised.

  1. Jennifer Baratta permalink

    Thanks Ash!

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    A very thought provoking insight (again) there ash. Thankyou.

  3. Chipotle Coupons permalink

    Very good perspective on this post. Throughly enjoyed reading the article.

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