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Replicators do exist!


The printing press
Printing 500 years after Gutenberg invented it

Captain Luc Picard closed his eyes as the doors auto shut behind him. A ship full of idiots he thought to himself briefly now that the comfort of his room protected him from telepaths. He had a really really tough day, the last part of it engaged in talking to a android who wanted to be able to cry.

He needed tea. He approached the replicator station and ordered his favourite. ‘Earl Grey. Hot!’. He had to keep reminding himself that the thing will just as happily give him cold tea unless he tells it not too even though he ALWAYS orders it hot. So much for artificial intelligence.


The above is a little spot light on the art of printing. Printing? What are you talking about Ash? When Johannes Gutenberg managed to invent the printing press, it revolutionised the world.

Well printing is about to take the next leap forward.

Welcome to the world of 3D printing. And yes, this will mean loads of changes in manufacturing. It will also mean the end of importing and exporting some manufactured goods. Why would you manufacture the good, when you can email them or SMS the product instead.

The way we make things is changing. All you need is a printer.

A. Ghebranious 2011

  1. Jennifer Baratta permalink

    Thanks ASH! Hey can my congress your colition get together to screw there people heck yes debt ceiling got raised just mere hours before defualt. We the people thought of no but did we bug Congress heck yes! Have a great week!

  2. Chris Ogilvie permalink

    I would like to submit this 73 minute presentation, compiled by World leading Climate Change Scientist, Associate Professor John Abraham, School of Engineering, St Thomas University, Minnesota, U.S.A.
    Qualifications: Professor of Mechanical Engineering (Heat Transfer and Fluid Mechanics) with over 80 published journal and peer reviewed Papers and Patents.

    Professor Abraham investigated claims by Christopher Monckton, Alan Jones 2GB, John Mackenzie 4CA, Tony Abbott, Leader of the Opposition etc., Claiming that: “nothing was wrong with the Climate, and to put your feet up and enjoy the sunshine”. More importantly were direct references to numerous, Scientists research papers and observations as Evidence supporting and proving Monckton’s claims, each one was investigated and each one proved totally false, Misrepresented or their Data either been completely Falsified or fabricated.
    Each Scientist was approached and shown Monckton’s ‘version of their research’ and each stated: They did not agree with Monckton’s claims and that he had purposely, altered there research Information or totally Misrepresented their claims and comments, thereby purposely misleading the public, Professor Abraham provides complete EVIDENCE of the Scientists responses in his Presentation .

    Christopher Monckton is Paid by the S.P.P.I. (Science and Public Policy Institute), as a “policy advisor?” The S.P.P.I. This is a Front for, and sponsored by : Mobil Foundation Inc. American Petroleum Institute and the Electric Power Research Co., all having vested interests in the outcome of Monckton’s claims.
    Christopher Monckton’s Qualifications are: a Degree in each, Classics and Journalism and has never submitted a Scientific Peer Reviewed Paper of any kind.

    Professor Abraham had no sponsor and has completely financed his investigation using his own Money, massive amounts of time, resources, and time away from important research, being motivated only by the urgent need to address the reality and existence of Climate Change, that it is occurring, and will continue to occur, which will prove to be the biggest environmental challenge facing our planet and mankind itself.

    During the presentation, answers to the many Questions, doubts and concerns from all fellow Australians, and “competent” Journalists, will be revealed with factual evidence, Professor Abraham also demonstrates how to access this information yourself, which, obviously Monckton, Alan Jones & Co. believed and counted on, that people would never challenge and check that their information was correct or not, thereby never ever getting exposed them to be fraudsters that they are and thereby concluding that their deliberate misrepresentation of Scientific research material was nothing short of Criminal, being a premeditated con and a pathetic scam, for there own personal and political gain, at the expense of World Scientists years of research misrepresented and dedication insulted, also it affects everyday impressionable Australian people who believed and trusted that there information was the truth, as well, so many misled but decent people, quoting their contrived lies daily. We have some tough decisions to make and we can only make those decisions based on real Scientific information

    In closing, Professor Abraham has made this presentation available, over twelve months ago, to a number of Australian media outlets, who have chosen to support someone completely unqualified to comment on scientific research matters including a radio announcer, also completely unqualified to comment on scientific research matters, over a World leading Climate Change Scientist, such as Associate Professor John Abraham who appeals to you all, to please question, and expose the hidden political agenda and obvious collusion between, as it would appear the Mainstream Media throughout Australia, as to why they did not want this information to be released to the General Public, remember the Media “have known” of this evidence for over twelve months, and chose to bury it, why? is the question we must ask yourselves.

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