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Dissecting Alan


Mumbrella got an interview with Alan Jones. Noice!

Alan is in fine opinionated form having a go at everything from avid sports fans, whom he calls nutters 2.35 – 2.45, to journalism who he describes as having a piece of paper that he doesn’t have. He describes himself as a broadcaster and that somehow justifies the fact that he does not have to adhere to the code of journalism.

He justifies the innocence of Rupert Murdoch with a little tale about the days he stuck his head into a dressing room and talks about how sometimes you have to trust someone and so you cant take the blame for their errors.

Oddly, earlier in the piece he spends some time attacking the government on the BER and the BATTS. I suppose one level of scrutiny and blame for Rupert and he and another level for the government. (7.50 – 8.38) Ahh yes. The guarantee thing that you are always asking from the government Alan. The one you reckon no one can ever provide. Interesting again.

The whole broadcaster and not a journalist thing I described above 9.45. But the most interesting part of his answer, other then he is so far up himself his head is back in its normal position, is the gem of an answer re ethics of his program.

But for me the highlight is at around 10.25 where Alan goes through things about his opinion.

According to Alan, if your opinions lack validity, or if the opinions are extreme or if they are overly provocative, people wont listen.

WTF??? Alan, you live and breath this shit all the time. It’s what puts the shock in your jocks. It’s what gets you the advertising dollar your talked about before.

In this one interview Alan you attack others and then contradict your argument to promote yourself and others.

Do you Shock me Alan! Do you evah!


A. Ghebranious 2011 (All Rights Reserved)

  1. Pip permalink

    Jones is a malignant narcissist….no cure !!

  2. Not enough money spent on sport? isn’t this one of the people screaming that we spent too much on FIFA World Cup bid?
    Maybe thats because it was Football, not rugby, after all, he is employed by the official broadcaster of the NRL…. that’s the football code which is 50% owned by News Ltd, funny, he seems to stick up for them….

  3. Jennifer Baratta permalink

    Great another sports nut who thinks all others are too expensive. In other news my Congress has yet to raise debt celing.

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