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‘Gruesome, but necessary’


When 32-year-old <name removed on request-see comments> a Norwegian man was arrested and interviewed about the events in Norway on the 22 of July, 2011, he made a chilling statement to police. He admitted responsibility for the car bomb that killed eleven and for the gunning down of 85 others at a youth camp.

“It was gruesome, but necessary”.

Just prior to the killings, this man posted a 1,500 page manifesto entitled ‘2083: A European Declaration of Independence’. In it he detailed what he called himself  “ordinated as the 8th Justiciar Knight for the PCCTS, Knights Templar Europe” – the “resistance movement” that elsewhere he claims has been established to combat the “Islamisation” of Europe.

Knights Templar

  • Western military monastic orders that existed from 12th-14th Centuries
  • Reputed to possess great wealth and power
  • Fighting members took part in Crusades
  • Many organisations today bear the Templar name – charitable ventures, bodies within lay Catholicism and within Freemasonry
  • White supremacists, apparently including Anders Behring Breivik, also inspired by Knights Templar

The manifesto was part collected rant, part meticulous diary of how he planned this attack over several years.

His rants are a collection of his disgust with multiculturalism, the what he called the ‘Islamising’ of not only Europe, but his own country, and his desire for more Christian conservatism.

Media is a first to the post industry. In that I have no qualms. It was a story that the world was eager to hear. And it seems some papers were over eager to tell a story and not necessarily THE story.

In another part of the world, and shortly after the news of the attack,The Herald-Sun’s Andrew Bolt was out of the blocks faster then his name sake Usain as was The Daily Telegraph’s Tim Blair.

Bolt posted:

Already the unconfirmed reports suggest our immediate suspicions are correct

This was later followed by this ‘retraction’

Already the unconfirmed reports suggest our immediate suspicions are correct (UPDATE: No, they aren’t)

Along with these posts Andrew posted a link to a story that made the claim that Al-Qaeda was behind the tragedy. This was later updated at the source of the story.

UPDATED: Abu Suleiman al-Nasser, an Islamist with links to Al-Qaeda and other Islamic extremist groups, claimed responsibility for yesterday’s bomb in Oslo, but this now appears to be false.

Helpers of the Global Jihad have since issued a retraction of their earlier statement claiming that they caused the bombing in central Oslo.

An Islamic extremist alleging to be Abu Suleiman Al-Nasser originally claimed responsibility for the attacks. However, Iraqi security forces claimed to have shot dead a man named Al-Nasser Lideen Allah Abu Suleiman, who had well-documented links to Al-Qaeda, in February this year. It is not unheard of for Al-Qaeda extremists to claim responsibility for acts of terrorism which are not their own.

The ‘Helpers of Global Jihad’ group, of which al-Nasser is a member, originally made the claims in an email circular issued to various sources. The group does not appear to have any past history.

It is thought that the bombings are a belated response to Norwegian newspapers and magazines republishing cartoons of Mohammed originally published by Jyllands-Posten of Denmark.

British Prime Minister David Cameron said, “I was outraged to hear about the explosion in Oslo and attack on Utøya Island. My thoughts are with wounded and those who lost family.”

Knut Storberget, Norway’s Minister of Justice confirmed yesterday evening the arrested shooter, who is believed to have carried several guns, is a Norwegian.

Tim Blair posted this gem on his blog.

Terrorists strike in coordinated attacks at two Norwegian locations. Up to 20 dead. The group suspected of theatrocities is said to be motivated by cartoons:

NRK is reporting that an unknown group called “Helpers of the Global Jihad” have posted a message that this is only the beginning of the reaction to Norwegian periodicals publishing the Muhammed cartoons, according to Andrew Boyle, a journalist in Norway.

Tim followed this up by quoting a  tweeter calling themselves @s_dog

Later Tim updated the blog

UPDATE. The murderer is a solitary psycho Norwegian:

A lone political extremist bombed the government center here on Friday, killing 7 people, the police said, before heading to an island summer camp for young members of the governing Labor Party and killing at least 80 people.

The police arrested a 32-year-old Norwegian man in connection with both attacks, the deadliest on Norwegian soil since World War II.

Apologies for no earlier update. Flying today.

And later Tim responded to anger in the comments that he had the responsibility to get the facts of a story straight before he put’s it out for the consumption of those with his like mind.

He responded with this

UPDATE II. Leftsts in comments take offence at reports, sourced from the Guardian, that Islamic terrorists may have been responsible for a murderous attack on civilians. On reflection, they’re right. The very idea is laughable.

Andrew too sited the Guardian and even The New York Times in his response to similar comments.

(UPDATE: i’ve removed here an excerpt from the first report I linked to spelling out the earlier Islamic threats and attacks that led many, including the Guardian and New York Times, to initially suspect an Islamic attack. I had left it up so as to explain the context of my original reaction, and so not to seem I was trying to cover up my original suspicions. Now I find that leaving it up is being interpreted as my insisting on a gratuitous point instead.)

I find myself agreeing with two right wing authors! The media were quick to speculate as was the public. But I also feel that Andrew Bolt and Tim Blair would have loved this to be an attack by an Islamic extremist group, as sick as that sounds.

They have taken it upon themselves to show Australia the ‘terror of Islam’ for years now. They had, since 9/11, been the self appointed champion of Christian conservatism. Much like the perpetrator of the atrocity in Norway, they wish to warn the world of what they consider the horror of a world changing.

But Bolt and Blair do more then just highlight the terrorism. They attempt to mark the religion itself as terror incarnate. If you follow their rants and stories they go after, they are as relentless in their attacks as is Tony Abbott is in saying no. Their distaste for Julia Gillard is not so much about her politics, but her beliefs. Tony on the other hand is a good white right Christian.  Hallelujah.

Bolt and Blair must be doubly annoyed today. Not only did they not get to rant about Islam, but the ALP had a little lift in the polls.

While Bolt and Blair hunted down and went after a lady in a Burqa, they have done nothing to highlight the charging of Mary Jo Fisher. They insisted that the Muslim Burqa wearer was caught out lying after a massive media intrusion into her life; and helped by the person in question re current affairs shows. It was an intrusion that would depress any of us who where hounded thus. Yet they offered no argument that the lady in the Burqa may have acted in the way she did because of depression. No. No link there at all.

But Mary Jo Fisher is given that privileged defense by her colleagues and the crusaders of conservative justice, Bolt and Blair, do not go after Mary Jo Fisher presumably claiming that everyone should be treated innocent before proven guilty.

Contrast this then with their outing of a man before he was charged with the alleged crime of beating another man for drinking alcohol. Already, they had judged, tried, and executed the man in their media and along with the crime of this small group of men, an entire religion and people who were probably as abhorred by the incident as they were themselves.

So now we have a shoe jammed onto another foot. Now the story is not of an islamic extremist but a christian extremist.

I am so keen to see them point out the danger and horrors of the christian religion and how it is a violent religion and all its adherents have horns on their heads and invite Satan over for barbies on the weekend.

I doubt it though. Instead we will be told the story of a deranged person who was mentally unstable. As if you are clearly mentally stable when you help and participate in a plot to pilot jumbo jets into buildings. No, those were not unstable people. Those where terrorists. And Muslim terrorists. And therefore by some twisted logic all Muslims must therefore be terrorists.

Newspapers and media around the world along with governments reinforced this thinking post 9/11. The family that had been your neighbours for years, and your children may have played with their children, suddenly become ‘possible’ Islamic terrorists. Sure you remained ‘friends’. But you watched closely as people visited them. You watched carefully as your children played with theirs. Employers vetted resumes not because the applicant is not capable of doing the job, but because they had a funny sounding name.

In a way, since 9/11, we have all created an atmosphere of fear and loathing. One that in this country lead to the Cronulla riots and to an anti-asylum seeker mentality.

Someone tweeted to me last night.  Probably in response to this post which on the surface seems so naive and simplistic in its thinking.

They have since, it seems, removed the tweet and I do not remember the tweeters id. But the gist of their tweet was it in regards to immigration. Something like how do we know these people are real refugees. What if they are not what they say they are.

I am not sure how to respond to this claim. The media over the last 10 years has instilled a fear of  differences. A fear of change. A fear of reform. It is reflected in the polls where the current government is attempting to instigate a series of huge reforms and people are afraid.

I can only say this. When you strip someone of their religion, of their beliefs and political ideologies, of their prejudices and mistrust, what you are left with is a human being. The bard put it in the best way 400 years ago in response to prejudices that still haunt us as a species today.

 If you prick usdo we not bleedIf you tickle us, do we not laugh?

It seems we continue to ignore him.

The world around us is what it is because of the way we view it. If you poke and taunt a human being for long enough, they will react.

And then by so reacting, they fulfilled the original prejudice that led us to poke and taunt in the first place. We help to self perpetuate the myth that they are not ‘one of us’.

It is time we took a long hard look at ourselves and what it is we have done.  What we have contributed to fan hate in a being to a point where they commit atrocities. We have contributed. There is no doubt.

It will not be a pretty time. It will not be easy. Some will call the examination divisive. Some will say it will allow us to be complacent and open to other attacks and we should be forever vigilant.

What they really mean is we should forever live in fear. It is time we looked at what it is about ourselves that allow us to be so easily swayed to messages about us and them. It will be a hard and terrible debate and one that may cost the lives of people who call for peace as it has always cost the lives of people who call for peace.

It may even turn out to be ‘gruesome, but necessary’.

(recommended reading – )

A. Ghebranious   2011  (All Rights Reserved)

  1. Jennifer Baratta permalink

    Never let it be said that hate groups did not try to take credit. Reports should do research before reporting a story.

  2. I have been asked to remove the man’s name from the post. I am tempted to oblige. But I do not think removing the name will remove the atrocity that he has done. Any comments on this?

  3. sue permalink

    Let the backlash against right-wing nutjobbery begin.

  4. debbiep permalink

    Hear Hear Ash !

    On the Name removal – it could be a good thing, doesn’t make him a (right-wing Christian) ‘matar” – I am sure that is what he is trying to achieve ? Although I’m more curious in wondering ‘who’ asked you to remove it when it has been broadcast everywhere already?

    • Oh I was thinking of following Charlie Brooker’s lead anyway. And the issue is not about who he was, but why he was. What is it about humans that you place us in a situation we tend to accumulate into herds and then justify that herd as the only true way etc.

      It’s like ‘Lord of the Flies’ really. And it happens every single time from people’s preference to a food/dish through to sporting teams through to nationalistic jingoism through to religion.

      There is something inside us that we dont want to address so we label these events as perpetrated by insane people and that lets us not have to worry about the devil inside us all.

  5. debbiep permalink

    * Ash aIm sorry I need to note my earlier comments were written BEFORE I read the recommended reading link Of Charlie Brooker

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