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CO2 Emissions – The Omen (Or where have all the real journalists gone?)


“When the Jews return to Zion,

and a comet rips the sky,

and the Holy Roman Empire rises,

then you and I must die.”

“From the eternal sea he rises,

creating armies on either shore,

turning man against his brother,

till man exists no more.”

I loved horror movies as a kid. Now I get to watch one unfold in real life. And yes, don’t you love how an enigmatic poem can be used to mean whatever you want. Some tea party nutters used this to say Barack Obama is the anti christ. Or at least not American. As if the two are mutually exclusive.

Here is another example of trying to make something sound like it is true

‘It’s actually pretty hard to do this because carbon dioxide is invisible and it’s weightless  and you can’t smell it.”


This is a periodic table.

Each element has a weight. When you combine two elements such as say two oxygen elements and one carbon element you do not get a weightless compound you demented moronic toad. This is simple primary school knowledge. You would expect a so called Rhodes scholar to comprehend this.

This is a infra red CO2 detector. You can use it to detect CO2. Amazing huh Mr Abbott?

Oh Mr Abbott. I can smell you from here. You stink and reek of your own self importance. CO2 is not weightless. It CAN be measured. And you CAN smell it when  in concentrated amounts. Here is a thread for New Scientist where some guy who works with CO2 talks about its taste and its smell in high concentrations.

High concentrations. Say like the amounts you get when you burn a shit load of coal quickly. Sure it is invisible to the human eye, but visible and detectable in the Infra-red spectrum. 

You are a disgrace Mr Abbott. You demean the world for your own purposes. If you actually argued your case without these disgusting attacks on the science, you may actually get more interest. Instead you open your mouth and out comes a script direct from the shock jocks. You raise these nut balls level of importance while undermining science.

And here I thought you where pro mining.

His language since this began has been Armageddon like in its venom. That this is a religious crusade. And that he is St George and the Prime Minster is the dragon. It is one that Murdoch press have pandered too.

So Abbott has advanced from shooting Steyr 5.56 rifle’s to shooting his mouth off and the pathetic media in this country have bent over and let him bugger them for all they are worth.

Don’t get me wrong. If the PM says something stupid, jump on her. Expose it. Question her. And you do. Even when it is not stupid, you find ways of demeaning what she has to say. It has become a national past time to mock her.

But for Tony Abbott you do not. How can any of you call yourself serious journalists and allow this man to make these statements unchallenged.

Interrupt him as he speaks and correct him. Do not give him a sound bite when he distorts reality. Make him accountable for what he is saying. You are standing right there for christ’s sake! And if you do not know what the properties of CO2 is, then find the fuck out! What ever happened to research?

All you seem to be these days are microphone holders.

They say beauty is in the eye of  the beholder. But the media it seems are blinded by the light Abbott claims is shining out of his arse.


A. Ghebranious  2011  (All Rights Reserved)

  1. Jennifer Baratta permalink

    Great Ash stay away from Abbot when he is shooting. Ask a friend of Former VP Cheany.

  2. I too asked where have all the jounalists gone during Rudd’s ascendancy in “07. Journo’s swing with the accord of the day, and today they dance with Tony Abbott, next year who knows? Don’t take yourself too seriously …

    • My concern is the false representation of science and scientific principles. A politician can twist facts to make them sound the way they want. But when they abuse the facts and are not corrected, then what they say pollutes the debate. This is not twisting the facts but rewriting reality. It is a completely different thing altogether and it changes the debate from debate to manipulative deception.

      It is not something that one should see from a man wanting to be a leader of his nation. Science is science. You can’t promote a cause by demeaning science. I for one will not allow it.

  3. Pip permalink

    Ash., I can smell Tony Abbott ‘from my porch’ :}}

    While those on his side of the argument are against acting until other countries do so, this must be bad news for him.

    Report: China to launch carbon trading trial

    Official news agency confirms government is planning to move forward with carbon trading pilot scheme

    By BusinessGreen staff
    18 Jul 2011

    In what could represent a major boost to the global carbon market, China’s official state news agency yesterday reported that the country’s government is poised to introduce a carbon trading pilot scheme as part of a package of measures designed to curb emissions from energy-intensive industries.

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