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It’s a Man’s world.


Boys have a penis. Girls have a vagina.

Pretty sure that has not shocked a lot of my readers. Shoot, I hope it has not.

Some coalition supporters have accused me of playing the sexism card. As usual, there is nothing sexist in what I am saying.

It’s a man’s world.

I mean yes, it would be great if men and women were equal and, lets face it, we would like to think that Australia has less sexism then most other countries.

But the reality is that is bullshit. Apparently women cant shoot people on a battlefield for example. Too hormonal or something.

Oh I know what you will say. We have a female PM and female bank CEO and Elle McPherson.

So how the hell could you call this country sexist? Well easy really. The same way I can describe this country as racist.

Yes we have an aboriginal in the house of representatives, but Ken Wyatt also coped a lot from people in his electorate who were angry when they realised he was black. And that apparently is not racism?

THE first Aborigine likely to be elected to the House of Representatives has received hate mail from people who said they would not have voted for him if they had known he was indigenous.

Mr Wyatt, 58, destined to be the first Aborigine to be elected to the House of Representatives, said his near-certain triumph in WA’s ultra-marginal seat of Hasluck had been tarnished by a racist backlash.

Julia Gillard does herself absolutely no favours pointing out that she has a vagina. None what so ever. Why? Because we are a racist and sexist country.

Look. It’s okay. Don’t worry. It’s normal. We actually do more then other nations to counter it. But we are still nasty shits. 

In religion for example, women have been excluded for years. Some say it has nothing to do with sexism. Bullshit again. A priest once told me that a woman can not become a priest as she has periods. And it would be so awful if she is at the altar and she bleeds on it. Oh. How terrible. That would be the same altar where Christ bleeds on at least once a week by the way.

The fact that these morons then proceed to eat not only the body of Christ, but also suck up his blood by the spoonful does not matter. In fact, by trivialising this holy sanctimony makes me a heathen. Add to this my skin colour and this makes me a vile black heathen.

And loving it baby.

To see where all this comes from. one only has to go back to the so called GOOD book. In that man is made first. Women are made from an off cut. Man holds true to God’s law. Woman is tainted easily and manipulated to eat of the fruit. And then the bitch convinces this  ‘pure honest man’ to also eat

From there it just gets more penis orientated. It seems a hard-on defines humanity.

We are told that for a woman to bring the son of God into this world, she needs to be a virgin. Untainted. Otherwise, she is a whore that God will save such as Mary Magdalene.

But that was such a long time ago and so far far away. A galaxy of difference really. But if you use the force, you can make light penis’s that you can then use them to fight other men and their penis’s. And of course only the best penis will win.

Many are already assuming I am making a long bow here. But really? Lets see.

If I was to start a business to compete against Wizard Home Loans for example, would I be able to succeed by calling the new business Witch Home loans. And if not, why not?

Both a wizard and a witch use magic.

Yet one is assumed to be good and the other needs the word good to be placed before it. Merlin was good. Morganna was evil.

Adam held fast. Eve corrupted him. Etc etc.

I will now digress. I do that a lot it may seem. But I do not really.

Let us discuss the concept of deception.

I want to talk about lying. And deception.

When Tony Abbott told Australia that he does not tell the gospel truth and in fact you need to get his truth written down, you would think this was an important thing to take into consideration.

Yet, it is HE that tells us that the prime minister apparently lied about the tax on carbon. And the population believes him! And he hasn’t written it down!!!

Why is it so easy for a country to accept this? That a man who openly admits he lies is telling us the truth?

The prime minister is a liar he says. This is reinforced by other voices on the air waves. Shock jocks we call them. In fact Alan Jones not only accused the PM of lying, recently he has called her treasonous. And in interview he backed the call for the return of the guillotine. Just think about that for a minute.

The RETURN of the guillotine. I’ve looked in the history books. I am unaware that Australia has ever had the guillotine.

When a male politician cries in front of the cameras, it shows their sensitive side. When a female does so, it marks her as over emotional.

When a male politician does not cry in front of the cameras, it is portrayed as strength. When a female politician does not cry in front of the cameras, it is due to the fact that she has no children. Or so says Andrew Bolt.

A man can be called a dick and still get a poll lift. A woman can be called a c*** and she can see her polls decline.

It would be so nice to be able to say there is no difference. But that is not true. There is a difference.

I point out a placard word: bitch. A word that is used on twitter in malice.

They also call our Prime Minister a witch. The remark is a slur. We call treasurers who pull a rabbit out of a hat a magician or a wizard as I stated. But a witch is evil. A witch is not a magician or a wizard. The word is linked not to something wonderful, but to something dark and sinister.

People say that there is nothing in a word. But a word contains millennia of connotations. When a word is used, it has meaning. Again note. We have shock jocks. But no shock jockettes. What? Women cant talk into a microphone?

Julia Gillard has three opponents. One is Tony Abbott. The other is her gender.

And the third is a millennia of history that tells us that women are not men.

Boys have a penis. Girls have a vagina. And the public love to play with their genitals.

A. Ghebranious 2011 (All Rights Reserved)

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    Health ed done here. Great Ash

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