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Why I wrote what I wrote.


I usually do not try and explain why I wrote what I wrote. But I find my last piece needs strong clarification and to go along with the strong language it contains. I had two main reasons.

One event I explain in the article: about the Greens member who was chased and harassed from what was billed as a community forum but turned out to be a liberal party meeting.

The other came to much attention in what I consider one of the more powerful blog pieces I have read on the faeces that the Murdoch media call ‘the debate on climate change’. If you have not read ‘You shut your goddam carbon-taxin mouth’, do so.

This is the section that had me reeling in despair.

And then, found myself more than a little surprised when a Herald-Sun commenter (one step above YouTube on the food-chain, I’ll admit) said “Somebody needs to assassinate Julia Gillard NOW before she totally destroys our way of life.”

I was utterly flabbergasted. Seriously. Has this what we have become? The fact that some moron would write this is one thing. The fact that the Herald-Sun – a MURDOCH owned newspaper and one that MODERATES the comments would allow this to be published lets me think this will end in blood.

Just to show you the readers of this paper should be treated for their mental illness is this comment made today no doubt to ‘foreigners’ 

“Too much respect is given in Australia to foreign religions”

Foreign religions? Seriously? It’s almost like Jesus was not born in Bethlehem, but Dapto. You do realise that Christ was a jew all his life right? And you do realise that muslims and jews share the old testament right? In fact, in all three cases; Judaism, Christianity and Islam, its the same god. You did know that right?

So I wrote what I wrote. Not to get people to head down to the gun shop and load up on ammo. But to remind us where this has gone.

I lay the campaign squarely at the feet of Tony Abbott. It is he that is appealing to the lowest and basest of peoples emotions.

Careful Tony. The campaign you lead now will become the political norm in this country.

You offer no one hope. You only offer them fear. Your do not talk up your policy. You smear and discredit any or all scientists and economists that dare to speak out against you. You will doom this nation to the gates of hell itself.

When the carbon plan was announced, you claimed that this pricing carbon was an attack on aspiration.

No doubt you meant yours.

A. Ghebranious 2011 (All Rights Reserved)

  1. Mr. Keating summed it up beautifully. Mr. Abbott is demanding to be PM, and if you do not give it to me, he is threatening to wreck everything, so giver it to him.

    Mr. Abbott’s greatest fear is that the PM will be listened to. He cannot allow this to happen.

    He cannot allow her to be seen as a human being, therefore he must demonise her.

    Mr. Abbott needs to keep up the ranting, raving and down talking of the economy. He cannot afford to stop as he has no other tactics available.

    He does not care who or what he destroys inj his endeavours.

    If this is what our politics has sunk to, I am afraid I do not like it.

  2. Pip permalink

    Ash., no explanations needed really. a few days ago there was a short report about Joe Hockey speaking to his choirwhen an ‘old white guy’ asked would they have to take up arms!

    Hockey look a bit non-plussed then said, paraphrasing, “I understand but we live in a peaceful country”.

    It wasn’t the strong denunciation that it should have been.

  3. Pip permalink

    PS, I’m an oldish white girl, so no racism intended :]]

  4. Jennifer Baratta permalink

    Like I said Mr Abbot needs to grow up. H e act like a child. Mr. Murdoch is in hot water with British police an in the US FBI for phone Hacking victims in US the families of 9/11 victims. Keep up the great work Ash.

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