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THAT comment in the Herald-Sun



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  1. Medusa Knows permalink

    Perhaps it was meant in the same vein as Gillard’s treatment of PM Rudd?

    • I see. So you consider the challenging of a PM in a party room is the same as an open call to assassinate?

      This is the shit that really pisses me off. One of the comments I hate hearing is stupid people crying out ‘this is KILLING me’.

      To those people I say get stuffed and go visit a children’s hospital. You will see real people actually battling death. Get perspective into your life.

      • I fail how it can be said that PM Gillard assassinated Mr. Rudd.

        It was bought to Ms. Gillard’s attention that Mr. Rudd did not have the support of his party.

        Ms. Gillard discussed the matter with PM Rudd. The result being that after realising he did not have the numbers he resigned.

        The next day Ms Gillard was elected unopposed.

        Not very nice for Mr. Rudd but the whole party had decided he had to go.

        PM Rudd could have refused to resign but his fate was sealed.

        I believe the party has reached the stage, even if PM Gillard had not accepted the party’s offer, Mr. Rudd would have gone.

        I am of the belief that this was not the way PM Gillard want to take on the role of PM. I am sure PM Gillard knows it would have been in her interest of she put herself first and refused the offer.

        I am of the belief that we do not know why the party turned on Mr. Rudd but it was more than bad polls. I have my own thoughts on this but I also believe that Mr. Rudd after his initial hurt is happy as FM, Maybe not leader but a job important in it’s own right.

        It is clear that in spite of the bad polls, no one is rushing to get rid of PM Gillard. I am sure most of the party would have been aware of the risks they were taking when they deposed Mr. Rudd. They obviously thought the risk had to be taken.

  2. Feral Skeleton permalink

    The trolls have got snakes coming out of their heads now, Ash. May I be so bold as to say they have you in their gunsights too, if only metaphorically, the evil totalitarian-politician-supporting creeps.

  3. ash ghebranious, I have a 12 weeks old great grandson who has been battling death since birth, and is in Westmead Children’s Hospital;.

    You are right, it is reality and tough to watch. He is a little fighter, he needs to be.

    I want to see Australia as a place he is happy to grow up in, He and all my other grand and great grand children deserve that.

    I do not want a world were some think our politicians deserve to be assassinated if you do not agree with them.

    I must say for all he is suffering, there is very little whinging or crying from him. He is in spite of two major operations, being on oxygen and fed by a tube, a happy baby.

    My grand daughter has three other children, one 14 months old. I have not heard her complain either. She spends hours at the hospital and is looking to the 25the when she can bring her baby home. He will come with his oxygen bottles and feeding tube to a house that is overcrowded and does not meet his needs. No complaints here, she is overjoyed that he is alive and coming home.

  4. Jennifer Baratta permalink

    Oh dear!

  5. Hi Ash,

    I couldn’t find your email address anywhere so I thought I’d post here. Basically, I run the Daily Wire (an Australian political discussion forum / blog site) and have just setup a Carbon Tax Facts site, here:

    i’m wondering if you wouldn’t mind adding it to your Blogroll (call it Carbon Tax Facts perhaps?), and maybe plugging it in a post or two. Every link in helps the Google ranking. The internet being one of the few ways we can cut through the mire of media misinformation and obfuscation.


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