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Domino Geronimo


Imagine you are a newspaper man. Imagine that in your time you were able to grow and consolidate your empire. You know newspapers. You know what sells. You know how to get that exclusive and how important it can be to sell papers.

Your empire grows by replication. You move to your new gains and you make those papers work the way you know works.

You buy more and more papers. You branch out to other media outlets. Television. Cable. Movies.

Of course you insulate that empire. You take measures that buffet it so it continues to grow to the point where you can make or break politicians and write policy. You protect yourself so well from the outside world that you begin to control the outside world.

All good. Except of course if the insulation that protects you from an external storm does nothing to insulate you from an internal storm.

When it was all about one paper, well you can sacrifice it. But when it starts to leak to others, you may not be able to stop the cascade.

Imagine being chairman of the empire you created and suddenly, the name that built begins to destroy. Why? Because just how replicated are these papers? How many of them work the same way? How much of you are in the way they are run?

Even the mightiest empire can fall. All it takes is a little push.

A. Ghebranious 2011 (All Rights Reserved)

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  1. Jennifer Baratta permalink


  2. patriciawa permalink

    We can all help here. Keep pushing, Ash.

    I used to think he’d get away with it, but I think I should re-write this

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