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Multiculturalism, Howard style?


The charges laid on six high ranking officials involved with the Securancy scandal now unfolding my be a game of Russian Roulette that may put a bullet into the head of the history of the Howard government.  

No doubt many L/NP supporters think this statement I have made scurrilous and base. They may hate me for even raising this issue saying this is a smear attack. Nothing more. We shall see.

The scandal highlighted re the AWB scandal still burns. A scandal in which the coalition, while in power, sought to give immunity to it’s ministers from all wrongdoing- wrong doing they originally denied. So when the coalition supporters say, no one was charged over the matter, one has to wonder how one charges someone with immunity.

Now the game of Russian Roulette continues. The legacy of the Howard era hoping to draw the trigger six times in rapid succession and have none of the bullets fire once. The period of time we are talking about is between 1999-2005 and well under Howard’s law.

Already however, there maybe a live round in the gun.

A letter written by a Securency middleman, Benoy Berry, in 2009 details the meeting and accuses Securency of offering ”pay-offs and kickbacks to public functionaries in poor nations” and resorting to ”less than ethical liaisons with public officials whose appointed fronts you [Securency] now utilise as conduits to distribute inducements”.

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So what you all say. He was only a middle man at the most. Yet there is another more interesting claim in the same letter.

In the letter of September 2009, Mr Berry claims the RBA firm should give him more than the $6.4 million it had wired to his account because of the strength of his lobbying, including his role in influencing the agenda of the meeting between Mr Howard and Mr Obasanjo in 2003.

This is the heart of the problem.  Not only was the fact that these kick backs were being paid as some kind of in formal multiculturalism policy to deal with predominately in Asia and the Middle east but also in poorer countries in Africa.

The claim that the way to do business is to pay baksheesh or tips to certain people to grease the way to political and endearing business deals was the reason behind the AWB excuses.

The problem now is how wide spread was this perception. Was it spontaneous acts by a hand full, or was this the natural result of a culture and policy to turn a blind eye on such ways to conduct business.

What is more is there is now more doubt that must be cast on the Howard policy of stopping the boats. Did this also involve bribes to do so Mr Howard? Is Mr Abbott advocating a return to the ‘old way’ of doing business in Asia and the Middle East?

These matters must be investigated if only to prove to all that there is no link between the Howard government and systemic acts of corruption.

The problem though is if there are links and it is systemic, then what would all of this do not only to the way other countries treat us, but the way other countries treat the ministers and business people involved in these transactions.

Eyes had to turn away to allow the AWB to be allowed to do what it did. Is this yet again another case of eyes turning away, eyes unaware, or eyes in full control?

Some say lightning can not strike in the same place. But that is a stupid statement really. You see, lightning does quite often strike in the same place twice.  The high hill that got hit the last time because it is high, is still high. And if the reserve bank look like and smells like AWB all over again, one has to look up high to see where that damage was. 

It will be interesting to watch these proceedings unfold. 

A. Ghebranious 2011 (All Rights Reserved)

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    Ouch! sorry ash

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