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Is this the face of a happy camper?

Not many understand how important the vote was to retain Alan Stockdale. But Tony knows.

The internal brawl that had erupted publicly has reminded Australians that the Liberal Party, like all political parties, has infighting and knife fights.

Twice in less than 2 months has the terror of electronic mail brought the party low – first the irksome letter to MP’s re divisions and now similar mail that had been part of an orchestrated campaign to unseat Alan Stockdale for Tony Abbott’s preferred candidate and strike breaker, Peter Reith.

I am sure Abbott dislikes e-mails. It is probably one of the reasons he dislikes the NBN. Imagine it. A communications network that the coalition will no doubt use to stuff up even quicker.

With the loss of Reith, Abbott loses an opportunity to create an IR phoenix from the dead, buried and cremated WorkChoices. Instead, tax cuts has become his major platform.

Unfortunately, this Abbott is short a Costello. Joe Hockey may be a lovable galoot with a economics degree, but does he really have Abbott’s trust? 

Get it? That was a joke about Hockey and trusts and Nationals and .. oh never mind.

Anyway, it is an interesting ploy by Abbott. There was no talk about the NBN. Or Climate Change. Or any of the issues that are out there today. Instead, Abbott is hoping that people see them as economic saviours. Problem though is if the public don’t feel they need saving (as they have around 10% of income saved up already), then it would be all for naught.

So expect a continuation of Abbott’s claims of skies falling and CO2 eating your babies. Expect Abbott to tell you that a top pay threshold of $180,000+  a year is too small.

The move will be an interesting one and one designed to give Tony something to talk about. The problem though is where is he expecting to get the talent to sell it from. Oh I know. Remove Hockey and replace him with Robb.

The most interesting aspect of this vote at the Liberal party conference is, like the vote for  its current leader of the federal party, was won by one vote. But the interesting aspect is Mr Abbott, the party’s federal leader, was not able to get a stronger vote of support.

Mind you, Abbott has been playing aloof and not wanting to get involved –  a clear sign this was never going to end well. Can he now turn this vote into some kind of endorsement? We shall see.

Because from here on in, the pressure is on.

A. Ghebranious  2011 (All Rights Reserved)

  1. Matt Ross permalink

    Roll Abbott Roll

  2. I fail to see how anyone can sell Mr. Abbott’s magic pudding budget. Mr. Abbott will truly be seen as the miracle worker if he can find within the existing budget, tax cuts for the deserving middle class and for his Direct Action policy. At the same time he is going to dump the mining tax on excessive profits.

    His miracle will equal that of the loaves and fishes.

    I only hope he gets around to telling us which programmes he will be cutting.

  3. Jennifer Baratta permalink

    Are you kidding me. This is bad idea.

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