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The Doppler Effect


I am not sure how many media journalists use scientific principles when they discuss politics, but they should.

The Doppler effect is an amazing principle in waves and the effects of waves. It allows scientists to use the noise created to judge not only time and location, but even speed.

Its really a very self explanatory scientific principle.  If something is coming towards you making a sound, the sound is high pitched with the waves hitting you in quick concession. That is because the source of noise is moving as is the sound itself and both towards you.

But as the source of noise moves away from you the sound drops pitch with the waves coming further and further apart again because the source making the noise is moving and getting further away as is the sound it is making.

Scientists use the exact same principle for light to work out how far stars are as sound and light are both affected by this Doppler effect. Amazing huh?

Well I use the same principle in political journalism.

You see as the day of  ‘the knifing’ occurred, the press played the game for the coalition and every day in every way, the noise got louder and louder and louder. The gimmicks got bigger. The frequency between national polls reduced and so on.

Of course the coalition was hoping that the public would hear this noise and make noise themselves till an election is created but that never happened.

And now the date has passed, the frequency and the number of wave assaults from the opposition will drop. Which will really piss off  the opposition leader as it would piss off the editors of some media outlets.

Of course there is nothing to stop the coalition from pushing the knife issue over and over. It’s just fewer and fewer people listen to the noise. That the noise is drowned out. And it gets further away all the time and eventually it fades into nothing.

So the coalition will be doing this over and over every anniversary and people will be subjected to the noise of the Doppler effect. The thing to remember is once it has made all its high pitched mincing poodle noise, the effect turns into a vuvuzela sound.

A. Ghebranious 2011 (All Rights Reserved)

  1. Jennifer Baratta permalink

    Wow way to go Ash

  2. Jemima permalink

    Well done Ash., The media journalists prefer this tactic to too much talk of the NBN ‘moving on’.

  3. debbiep permalink

    Thank God for the Doppler effect !

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