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Rumours of the PMs demise are greatly over overexaggerated


It has been frankly quite bizarre. Political pundits have been penning for months now that the PM’s days as PM are numbered. They would pontificate over every word or gesture made not only by the PM but the man she replaced. I just can not understand how these people can not see what is in my brain!

Actually, thats probably a good thing for them.

The media have been trying to drive this wedge and play it for all its worth as have been the opposition. What fools the lot.

Let’s get this straight here and now. The only person that will knock off Julia Gillard is going to be Julia Gillard. She and she alone. And she has many many fronts to make mistakes on.

When the independents met with the ALP and L/NP during those 17 days, they were meeting with Julia and Tony. And it was with them that they forged their agreements.

To date, she has made decisions that have challenged the thinking and the resolve of her support. And while she has received criticism from them all over one issue or another, they still seem to have a lot of trust and respect for her. And a fear of the alternative.

While these individual players have individual issues to champion, there is conceivably conflict on the horizon at any time. But currently, their pact holds.

As for Kevin Rudd. It astounds me that many think he is a problem for her. Many media pundits, from left and right, seem to have talked about him. Even Peter Beattie has fallen for the talk. And that is all it is. Talk.

You see, while Kevin Rudd is in parliament and on the front bench, he is the best ally Julia has. Don’t get me wrong. I am not saying it is a conscious alliance. Or maybe it is. It will be interesting indeed to explore this period of time a decade from now.

It is my belief that by having Kevin in parliament, the PM is safe from challenge.  Because he is a reminder to all in caucus who may be getting poll jitters what happened to the ALP the last time they axed a leader. 

I cant help feeling the PM is in a much stronger position then many have reported.

A. Ghebranious 2011 (All Rights Reserved)

  1. What a load of rubbish, Gillard in stronger position, Comical Ali at his best ……somewhat akin to your Toxic Tony prediction, you must be Gillards Press Secretary? The lady is finished, it is though enjoyable watching propagandists like you and Coorey, your blind loyalty to a sick political party is hilarious.

    • I was not referring in the polls Chris. If there was an election tomorrow, she would be trounced. But the election is not tomorrow and parliament going the full term is what I am referring too. If the party is committed to the full term, and it looks very much so, they will commit to the policies.

      And in two years time, the polls may tell a different story.

  2. Stacey permalink

    And yet, ChrisA, she is still the PM and legislation is still getting through both houses. That doesn’t sound finished to me.

  3. Jennifer Baratta permalink

    WOW! I thought USA politicans and news were nasty yours makes mine seem Tame

  4. Jennifer, sadly it has reached a new low of nastiness at this time. There seems to be a borrowing of the “TEAPARTY” tactics.

    Thankfully this type of politics in Australia, as in the past, runs it’s course quickly and we get back to our normal boring reality. Cannot happen quick enough for me.

  5. Pip permalink

    There have been over 135 Bills passed through both Houses of Parliament while all the Coaltion-supporting main stream media bang on about the parlous state of the Labor Minority government. Over 135 bills….and with the great Lord Monckton now back in Australia screaming Heil Hitler about Mr. Garnaut, even the most rusted on Coalition supporters must be highly embarrassed.

    These two sites show just how badly Monckton gets it wrong

  6. Pip permalink

    Sorry folks, probably best to ignore those two sites, unless you don’t mind lots of downloads. The first is a 72 minute video and the second is ‘file not found’.

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