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A censure motion by any other name.


If you believe Tony Abbott, he wants Australians to decide about a price on carbon. My advice? Don’t believe Mr Abbott.

If you have been watching Question Time there should be no surprise. Of the 28 sittings, 12 of them were interrupted with censure motions.

All failed.

What you are seeing here is nothing but a nation wide censure motion. The polls are in his favour and he needed something to grab the headlines so he ran with this and News Limited came to the rescue.

While Mr Abbott has been pushing for his “people’s vote” vote, one should take into consideration this little gem.

Abbott was asked on radio what it would mean if the government still went ahead with their policy if the majority of the public had said no.

Well he pontificated that it would be a sign of the government refusing to listen to the people!

But when he was asked if he would back the tax if the vote came back yes, Mr Abbott insisted that he would not and he would dismantle it if he won the next election.

Isn’t that against what the people voted for Mr Abbott? Are you even listening? No. I not asking if you are listening to me. I am asking…

… are you listening to yourself?

Tony Abbott admits he won’t accept a yes vote on carbon tax

UPDATE 1.45pm: KEY independent MPs Tony Windsor and Rob Oakeshott today rejected Tony Abbott’s push to hold a plebiscite on the carbon tax, as the Opposition Leader revealed he would not accept a “yes” vote.

Live coverage: Tony Abbott won’t be bound by carbon tax yes vote

PS: Help me save for my superannuation by voting here

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  1. feralskeleton permalink

    The weathervane’s head must be spinning today.

  2. Catching up permalink

    As I said on another site, a sound bite that seem OK. Ten minutes reflection, and Mr. Abbott might have kept his mouth shut.

  3. Jennifer Baratta permalink

    I agree with you here Ash.

  4. Pip permalink

    I think he’s completely unhinged, but as you said, News Ltd. came to his rescue as they always do.
    Cu, methinks he likes the sound of his own voice !

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