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Kitty Hawk II


ALICE - A Large Ion Collider Experiment

Something remarkable is happening in the CERN laboratories in France. And it will change the world ready or not.

There is a current world shift to ‘decarbonise’ economies. The reason is clear. Man is having an effect on the environment. We have for millennia of course. We clear land. Cultivate crops and domesticate animals for food and amusement. We introduce animals into ecosystems where they do not belong; animals that would have never encroached on those ecosystems without our aid. So forth and so on.

Now we can change the course of mighty rivers. And yes. With enough faith and TNT, we can move mountains. Yeah us.

The bizarre claim by some who deny that man could possibly change the planet astounds me given the facts. Puny insignificant man. Puny insignificant nearly 7 billion strong man who can defy gravity and split the atom.

To see these people saying man can not possible effect a planet makes me laugh so hard I cry.

Splitting the atom introduced man to the wonders of atomic energy and with all the associated side effects.

But the CERN project is going beyond the splitting of atoms and moved to the splitting of a single particle. In so doing, they attempt to not only explore the circumstances of the big bang, but to harness anti-matter itself.

Of course I am flying here and we have barely learnt to crawl, but the recent trapping of anti-matter for almost 17 minutes is significant. The first time they tried to do this only a few months ago, they could only manage milliseconds.

The first Kitty Hawk flight was 12 seconds. The second one was 59. The Voyager probes are currently travelling at 38,000 miles per hour as they leave the solar range of the Sun. They discovered that at this edge between solar system and interstellar space there is some kind of magnetic bubble that is 100 million miles wide. So wide it will take the probes a few weeks to cross.

Such a long way from Kitty Hawk flies this man made object.

17 minutes sounds so small in the scale of time. But it is 1000 times more then the last time they attempted this. It is just the beginning. Think about what they are doing here. Not so much harnessing the power of the hydrogen atom, which can get a little messy when it gets unstable, to the harnessing of the anti-hydrogen which kind of vanishes on contact with matter.

Question is, will they be able to trap one for long enough to be able to test its properties. And how much energy can you get from it if you split it!

It really is the stuff of science fiction at this stage. Anti-matter drives that can supply the energy to power our ravenous needs with no need for the fossil fuel industry.

The scarcity of anti-matter has always been an issue as it has the unfortunate problem of being highly unstable when exposed to matter so the coal industry have probably been sleeping here. CERN can now not only artificially make antimatter, but keep it in existence. By understanding and studying these anti hydrogen particles they will be able to keep them and trap them longer.

Man's moved from mouse traps to anti-mouse traps

So beware fossil fuel industry. You are being surrounded. Climate scientists on one side, and physicists on the other. As the Kitty Hawk flights eventually lead to the Voyager probe, CERN scientists are taking their first flights in antimatter energy. And it wont need 50 years to get there as it did from Wright brothers to Cosmonaut.

Science is about to have an effect on the fossil fuel ecosystem. For good.

A. Ghebranious  2011  (All Rights Reserved)

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  1. Jennifer Baratta permalink

    Well put Ash

  2. Henry permalink

    Good read thanks. There is some much exciting stuff going on with Cern and physics in general that it’s hard to keep up. I only hope i am around for another 50 years to witness some of the coming developments in science.
    The old way of generating power via dirty coal is rapidly coming to an end (within 50 years anyway).

  3. Great help from this blog! Thanks alot for the information I needed

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