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Open Letter to Ted Baillieu


Hey Ted. How are they hanging?

Saw your name in the news somewhat this week. Bit of a rarity that as I’m not in Victoria, so when you make the news, its usually for something stupid. And fuck me if you have not been stupid this week ($240 enclosed).

And when I saw your ham fisted attempted re modifying discrimination laws, I just had to get online and type this out.

The error you are making Ted is you are not only discriminating against the individual who applies for a job, but with no religious belief, but you are also discriminating against the pupils of a school that does discriminate in this way.

You see Ted, education is a collective of disciplines. These are the study of mathematics, sciences, languages, physical education etc. None of these disciplines require belief in a ‘God’. When you add two plus two, you get the same answer if you are Jewish, Islamic, Christian, or even a Scientologist. Okay, maybe not so the case if you are a Scientologist.

My point though is the study of these disciplines can exist in the absence of faith. But in truth, to best get a full understanding of a discipline, one should look at the discipline not so much through the eye of the faithful, but what effect faith has on that discipline. And that means a study of ALL faiths. One can not dismiss the Islamic, Buddhist and Hindi scholars. Or even the names of scholars from the ancient worlds of Greece, Rome, Egypt, China, India and so on.

Therefore when you decided to push in this ruling to allow religious schools to discriminate, I really had to write this and either warn you, or encourage some one to challenge this law on the ground that it discriminates against the community.

You see, if you discriminate on a teacher because of his faith or lack of it, then you claim they are not skilled enough in their discipline. And this is surely not true. In fact, your policy will allow a school to not employ the best person for the job because of their religious beliefs or lack of them.

In so doing, it discriminates against the students as they have been denied an opportunity to be taught by a better teacher in the discipline.

Further since students taught become the community of the future, if you discriminate against the students by not allowing them to be taught by the best because of religious grounds, you therefore discriminate against the community and through that the state and through that the nation.

Allow me to use the case of an example. One Galileo Galilei. 

Interesting case indeed. See you had this Italian scientist dude who discovered that the Sun was the actual centre of the solar system and not the Earth as the religion of the day insisted.

Galileo decided that his theory was important and needed to be aired. The church decided he should be silenced. And because of this, the world nearly went backwards.

All because a religious institution discriminated.

So Teddy old man, I really hope you got your law in place and you are prepared to have people sue the bejesus out of your state. Cause that is what will happen buddy.

ANY form of discrimination is wrong. Ted. And when you hide it in the tail coats of religious sanctimony, you only make it worse.

A. Ghebranious   2011  (All Rights Reserved)

  1. Jennifer Baratta permalink

    Well said Ash

  2. Pip permalink

    I liked your point about not appointing the best person because of religious discrimination.
    I’ll have to start a new coin jar:]]

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