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The ‘C’ words – a week in review


Climate Change / Carbon priceDon’t know why this came to me

Catecops carbon criticism

Cattleif you missed the Four corners report, then watch it now!

Cigarettes – seem to be heading for a make under

Crisisin the house

Catnoises replace dog whistling

Censorship – not in front of the little christian children

C***that will be $240 please!

Contractionbiggest quarterly belt pull since 1991

CorruptFIFA run a Saddam Hussein one person election

Censure – Always good to end a parliamentary session with a good censure. Pity we never get those.

(I know what you are thinking. Why is there no link to the censure motion? Well that’s because the boy has cried wolf way too many times and no one bothers to report them any more.

That’s right. A censure is a tool that has a lot of power when used correctly. When done for show as the coalition has engaged in doing since parliament began, weakens it’s importance. And by so doing, brings shame to the parliament as a whole.

No one is telling you to not use a censure when you actually have a good point to make Tony, but this willy nilly use of it has to stop )

A. Ghebranious  2011 (All Rights Reserved)

  1. Hey Ash, you forgot contraception…. in reference to the safe sex posters the the ACL tried to get Adshel to not put up.

  2. Jennifer Baratta permalink


  3. Michael permalink

    Here’s a “B” word.

    ‘Boofheads first’.

    This is not a quote from Abbott, this is a definition of his political thesis.

    I will never forgive Howard and Costello for, all the time talking about the ‘country of the fair go’, actually turning Australia into the nation of “me first”.

    But Abbott, leader of a party who does not admonish a fellow parliamentarian for calling out “Who cares?” in the House of Representatives about what unattended-to climate change will do to Kakadu National Park (and by extension, right across Australia), and who can’t wipe the smirk off his face when asked about one of his Senators saying “miaow” to a female fellow-parliamentarian, has reduced politics to a level only seen otherwise in the kindergarten playground.

    This man has no concern for the national interest – he has it only in the party interest, and by unbroken logical extension to his leadership of the Coalition, his own.

    Howard was only ever concerned about winning and retaining the Prime Ministership, whatever bribes or lies it took. But Abbott makes him look like an idealised altruist.

    But worse than his own bust-whatever-it-takes-to-get-there political style (“pragmatic politics” he calls it), Abbott’s real sin, and ultimately his Achilles Heel, I sincerely hope, is that by not keeping a rein on his own behaviour, he has set such a low standard that his followers, feeling free to emulate, in fact expose themselves as crass, incapable, and hollow vessels.

    Which reflects upwards at Abbott himself.

    I was sent a perfectly apposite quote this morning, which offers comment on what I see as Abbott’s self-conviction he is playing such a smart game of pragmatic politics, smarter than the Government will ever be able to counter. The man clearly sees himself as so much more intelligent than anyone around him.

    “The primary difference between intelligence and stupidity is that there are limits to intelligence.”

    Abbott lets his party boofheads run loose, sets them no limits because he sets none on himself. Truly stupid.

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