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Toxic Tony


Tony Abbott is running a one man song and dance show against pricing carbon. He says he is doing it for the forgotten Australians. In reality he has purely selfish reasons. He does not care about helping Australia so much as helping himself. In effect, Tony Abbott is glowing. But it’s not because he is pregnant. It’s because he is a toxic little man.

Abbott’s claim is he is standing between the government and ordinary Australians, but in reality it is for pure base self that he does so. Even the business council of Australia has abandoned Toxic Tony.

And of late his own party, the people that exposed the nation to this Toxic Tony poisoning, are starting to see that Tony should be put down with no sorrow.

People see this as something that has recently come to a head. Not true. Since Abbott clawed his way to lead the LNP, he has been abandoning principle for slogans. And while his gruff demeanour and destroyer politics worked in the lead up to and during the last election, of late Abbott had to create new points of division.

For months Abbott questioned the science following his mentor Nick Minchin in his climate denier stance. But recently Abbott realised he will not be able to continue ignoring facts and so he too came out and said that the coalition believe in the science. Obviously no one told Nick Minchin.

But that little caveat was exploited by Malcolm Turnbull, the man he clawed for the job, who suddenly saw that the coalition’s softening on the science as a chance to actually talk about climate science. Abbott was not amused.

Abbott had already just brought to a close a debate on tax reform between himself and Joe Hockey by betraying Hockey on trusts.  And now he had the last leader calling him stupid re his policy. This would not do.

So what did Toxic Tony do? He called his mate Warren and they drafted an e-mail. Well Toxic Tony say’s it was Warren’s idea (watch for the knife Warren) but yes he did see it and okay it before it was released.

All good. Except now we hear that Joe Hockey also advised Abbott not to send the letter.

But as we discovered from a sound bite from Nick Minchin, it seems Abbott is more then willing to piss on principle and policy if it means one vote. Not sure if Nick Minchin feels the same. In fact he thinks it is maybe time they stood for something.

This last remark should have people running around to put out a fire. After months of Abbott standing up for his battle against the so called ‘toxic tax’, his own leader of the Senate believes he does not stand for anything.

Scott Morrison was Abbott’s giddyup boy. And if another boat arrives he will be on the back of the refugees beating the shit out of them for as much votes as he can get. But if none come, Morrison is as useful as a third wheel on a unicycle.

Abbott now, ironically, faces the creations of the Battle-lines he has chosen and one by one, he is losing fronts.

This is not Abbott’s first slip up. Remember there yackity yack post the election. He was able to survive it on the back of Morrison. Then the yackity yack re the coalition cutting money from budget re flood tax. And now this is strike three.

Abbott may think he has another swing as some of those balls he did manage to get some bat to albeit the ball going foul.  But it seems his biggest opposition is now his own party.

I think it will be very soon that the coalition replace toxic Tony for someone less offensive and more palatable.

A. Ghebranious   2011   (All Rights Reserved)

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  1. Jennifer Baratta permalink

    OH dear! Get that Abbot help before he destorys the Planet.

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