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There’s No Messiah Here! There’s A Mess Alright But No Messiah!


The letter says it all. It seems someone is out to cut Malcolm Turnbull down.

Office of the Chief Opposition Whip

Dear colleagues,

Last night we lost a division because the following five Coalition Members failed to support their colleagues:

Malcolm Turnbull (5 missed divisions) – margin 14.86%

Ian Macfarlane (2 missed divisions) – margin 18.53%

Alby Schultz (2 missed divisions) – margin 8.72%

John Forrest (1 missed division) – margin 24.41%

Luke Hartsuyker (1 missed division) – margin 9.72%

This behaviour is totally unacceptable and shows great disrespect to their colleagues and the Coalition as a whole.

As a result of the absence of these Members, the following Members missed an opportunity to raise issues important to their electorates:

Alan Tudge – margin 1.76%

Craig Kelly – margin 5.17%

Luke Simpkins – margin 6.29%

Andrew Southcott – margin 0.75%

Josh Frydenberg – 7.55%

It is an interesting point to note that all the  Members who missed the division occupy safe seats, while, of the Members prevented from speaking in the adjournment debate three are first term Members and all occupy marginal or key seats.

Members are elected to Parliament to represent their constituents. That includes being present when the Parliament divides on a question. In last night’s instance, two crossbench Members voted with the Opposition, meaning the division would have been won by a margin of two if the five Members had been present.

All Members know they cannot leave the House until the start of the adjournment debate, and then may only leave AFTER consulting the Whip’s Office. Failure to comply with these procedures will ultimately require a return to the old practice of ALL Members staying in the House until the rise of the House each day.

Hon Warren Entsch^ j Chief Opposition Whip

Patrick Seeker Opposition Whip

Nola Marino Opposition Whip

Mark Coulton Chief Nationals Whip

Paul Neville Deputy Nationals Whip

25 May 2011


A. Ghebranious    2011   (All Rights Reserved)

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  1. Jennifer Baratta permalink

    Wow! I thought NY politics was bad yours makes mine look good. OUCH!

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