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F Troop


You are probably wondering what F Troop has to do with Australian politics. I’m glad you asked!

F Troop was one of my favourite shows as a kid. Now due to the marvels of digital television (of which our pensioners can soon partake around the country) I can enjoy the show still.

I loved the banality of the show. The ineptitude of the cowboys was only matched by the ineptitude of the indians which allowed plenty of screen time for the guest stars.

If that is not an analogy for politics in this country what is?

The writers of F Troop got away with one of the biggest gags in television history for the time. This was the era where heck and hell were interwined.  In a little bit of tongue in cheek the writers decided to call the fictitious Indian tribe the Hekawi. Get it? Hilarious!

You probably dont see the gag straight away.

But ask yourselves. Just where the Hekawi?

Which brings me right back to politics and this nation period.

There has been a shift in politics. Some say the major parties have shifted closer. I say they have switched places. Others do to.

Take the case of emissions.

It is now clear that the Coalition, despite smearing and howling  the government for planning to impose a price on carbon intend to do the exact same thing. While the ALP supposedly left party intend to move to a market based system, the Coalition supposedly right party want to impose the cost not on the market producers of CO2 but the state as a whole and take the money from consolidated revenue.

That is basically the difference. The socialist left ALP want to impose market economics and the capitalist right wing Coalition want to impose a cost to the state. Yes. I said state. If money is coming out of consolidated revenue then that means the state

I can not make this any clearer.

Again. I ask you.

Where the hell are we?

A. Ghebranious 2011 (All Rights Reserved)

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  1. Jennifer Baratta permalink

    Good analogy

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