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A Current Bolt Affair. Today and Tonight.


Episode two of the Bolt Report has aired. And I am still laughing. OMG!!!! He had a psychologist on???

Seriously. He had a psychologist on to discuss glass breakage. I missed her name but she was labelled ‘program psychologist’. Which makes you wonder why they need one.

The affair of the week, the Budget, made way for a conversation of one. Peter Costello, a treasurer of the right, sat in with Michael Costa, a treasurer of the right, and with Andrew, pronounced judgement verily and merrily on leadership prospects of both candidates. And they say the American 2 year campaign is long! Only 2 and half years to go.

The Set Top Box got a moment. But they glossed over the fact that it is an existing program and was actually approved by both parties. Lets avoid facts. Like the $350 does not only buy a box, but 12 months assistance and aerial. Now you know why Harvey Norman did not bid.


[ADDENDUM: How could I forget the other MAJOR issue. The ‘wedding’ which got constant plugs and right at the end of the show, Andrew doused it all with the Insiders clip. The funny thing is last week, Andrew STARTED the show with an Insiders clip. Why did it take 30 minutes for him to show it this time? Other then it would kill about 10 minutes of programming time]

Andrew then messed up. The Gotcha of the week Andrew WAS the Hungry Beast video, not Wyatt’s question. Here it is in its unexpurgated glory.

Seriously. This is not a serious program about politics. ACA and Today Tonight have more better psychologists.

So why does Channel 10 air this tripe at 10am (Today) and 4.30pm(Tonight)

A. Ghebranious 2011 (All Rights Reserved)

  1. Jennifer Baratta permalink

    Thanks Ash!

  2. sue permalink

    Nice post Ash!
    Probably not qualified to comment, as I can’t bring myself to watch Bolt Report. I don’t watch ACA, TT either as there are “more better” & more grown-up current affairs programmes around. I put Bolt, ACA, TT all in the same basket.

  3. Catching up permalink

    Funny I went to set the record button in the programme, for Meet the Press and the Bolt show. Could not find it in the morning for either show on my set top box programme or computer.

    Did find the shows later in the day on the computer. On the set top box it showed up and disappeared again. Have not checked my set top box yet, as I set it to record the show that was in the programme.

    To my knowledge this only happens when they have not made their minds up to what the programme is going to be. Generally you have “tbn”. This time they showed the old programme.

    PS. I record shows like this so I am in control of how much I watch. The fast forwarded button is amazing, especially were the programme is boring.

    Broken glass = tight fist or fragile glass. Often occurs when you knock something with the glass. Sometimes a cracked glass is to be blamed. Tight fist = sign of tenseness. No do not need a psychologist to tell you that being interviewed by any of the media today, you have to keep your wits about you. This can be stressful. I know I become tense when I am talking with people I do not trust.

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