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Budget Night Survival Shopping List


1) Something to snack on

2) Something to drink (preferably with minimum CO2)

3) A length of sturdy string

4) A soft toy (tie one end of sturdy string to and throw at TV when angry or in air when happy and use string to drag back to you for next announcement)

5) Probably another drink

6) A basic guide to accountancy OR an accountant.

7) An interpreter to make sense of what the accountant is saying or someone to vent frustration to when attempting to read basic guide to accountancy.

8) One more drink

9) A television or a radio or a twit feed

10) One more itsy bitsy little dinkie poo

11) A remote control (preferably the correct one)

12) A sign to place on front door warning visitors that you are watching/listening to/tweeting the budget and they knock at their peril

13) Pre budget drinks

14) During budget drinks

15) After budget drinks

16) Berroca

Enjoy! (hic)

A. Ghebranious 2011 (All Rights Reserved)

One Comment
  1. Jennifer Baratta permalink

    Never write a blog drunk or drinking. HAHA!

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