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The “Nickname” Wikileak in a haystack


[Addendum: The actual Wikileak]

Truth really is strange. Too strange. Bin Laden is dead and its all due to a nickname.

Imagine the setting. Sometime in last August, the US got a tip off on where the world’s most wanted man was hiding. They set into plan an extensive training program with some claiming that the intelligence of the compound Osama was found in was so complete, they were able to make a copy of the compound and use it to train the operatives re internal layout.

Since then (August 2010) the US has been sitting on an operation that we finally heard about yesterday.

How did they get here? According to reports, it was a nickname.

A nickname of a courier that was extracted from one of the prisoners at Guantanamo Bay. Using that nickname, the CIA tracked down and finally found, six years later, a possible target. A courier that lived in Abbotabad.

Now imagine countless pages of data one would have to pour through in order to finally link information received 6 years prior to a flesh and blood person. And from there, to Osama himself.

I have no idea what kind of information or what was done or who died to get the information that the US finally used to track down their man. Needless to say the operation from August last year to May 1, 2011 must have been extremely top secret.

Enter Wikileaks. What if some seemingly innocent phrase in some piece of correspondence that is seemingly about something totally else, makes mention of a nickname. What if that document hits the internet. What if Osama’s people find it an interpret that they have been compromised. And by so doing, what if he got away. Again.

Now I am not saying that there was something in Wikileaks. But what if there was. Something about where a plane was sent where a terrorist organisation are sure it should not have been checked. Logs of trips. Or an actual file of the man they have in Guatanamo Bay who they got the nickname of the courier from.

If that information had fallen into the hands of Al Qaeda,  then the entire operation the US was organising could have been for naught.

So when Wikileaks began to selectively leak what it claimed was only the start of hundreds of thousands of documents, shit yeah!, the US took it personally. Of course it didn’t really help them not knowing exactly what documents Wikileaks had.

Still. It puts things into perspective.

Remember when the USA seemed to have been caught unaware of the unravelling of middle east states? Well, I may be going out on a limb here, but maybe, just maybe they had their concentration on a city in Pakistan.

Ironically the week is ending up where Barack Obama started it. Trying to quell the voice of people wanting to see a certificate.

This time not his birth certificate. But Bin Laden’s death certificate. Complete with colour illustrations. Maybe a movie.

Speaking of movies, I give it by the end of the month for the movie of the operation to start production.

Either that or adventure pack for Call of Duty.

A. Ghebranious 2011 (All Rights Reserved) 

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