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I’m so glad I watched the wedding.


Otherwise I would have missed this.

What a lovely asset that runs in her family (Getty images)

Kate’s sister has one great arse! 

Actually Kate’s mum was a bit of alright too! 

Oh the wedding went off without a hitch. Great coup for the royal’s.

And if you took away the carriages, the closed streets, the beef-eaters, the royals, the bulk of the media, the Abbey, the Archbishop of Canterbury, the army, the guards, and the uniforms, it was just an ordinary wedding between a billionaire and his bride.

The brothers did look like they were enjoying themselves. Harry seems to overcompensating for something with those shoulder boards! (Getty images)

When I saw these hats, I could see the death of some hate makers business.

Eugene has decided to bring a fruit platter on her head and Beatrice brought a king size pretzel (Getty images)

Still. They looked happy enough. Good luck to them.

Looks like this royal marriage is likely to have some legs (Getty images)


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  1. Jennifer Baratta permalink

    Well said have a great weekend!

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