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Bowen likely loser from budget


With the recent bad press the riots on Christmas Island and Villawood, Chris Bowen’s portfolio just keeps getting harder.

With a government facing budget cuts and a falling popularity revolving around the well manipulated dead air by the coalition in regards to the lack of  carbon tax detail, another hammer on their asylum seeker policy is not what they need. But that is what will happen.

As the budget eats into things such as cancer research or [insert cute cuddly cause here] or what have you, the money towards handling the asylum issue will grow. Ammunition for a coalition that has more than its share of self manufactured artillery that continues to reign blows on the government and must be causing wet shaky palms within it as well as within those who gave the government the nod.

To be fair to Chris Bowen, he has been given a very nasty portfolio and the issues have given seeming credence to what Scott Morrison has been saying.

But will it?

The Nauru proposal would also cost money. All those held there will also have access to the courts and the legal systems and therefore their detention would also be detained and lengthy. It would however remove the problem from plain sight. Perhaps what Julia Gillard was trying to concoct with a more “UN Friendly” version of Nauru in East Timor. Pity she didn’t bother putting it past the East Timorese first.

Which is by the way the latest catch cry especially from those who see rioting in detention centres and see detention centres being announced without their consultation. More ammunition.

Bowen’s problem is he needs to spend more money to quell the public disquiet but to do so will need money which in a tight budget with raise the public disquiet.

Its a tough balancing act. Judging from his 7.30 appearance on Thursday night, he is finding it difficult to find that balance.

Watch out for beach balls.

A. Ghebranious 2011 (All Rights Reserved)

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  1. Jennifer Baratta permalink

    Good luck with that.

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