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Delivery is up, up, and away!


Julia Gillard promised a year of decision and delivery. She certainly has some very interesting decisions and deliveries to come despite the fact that some in the coalition want to induce the birth of some and abort others.

While many groups from the unions to business groups have been holding press conferences and rattling sabres, they are all still at the table and they are keeping negotiations tight lipped, much to the chagrin of a hungry media willing to hop on any sign of a morsel to tear apart.

This does not mean all groups are dancing to the same tune, but all are willing to keep negotiationing.  The only semi loud industry is mining. Oddly enough it did not stop BHP from okaying a $43billion project when it cried foul at how wounded the mining tax would leave it and knowing full well that a carbon price is inevitable.

But that ain’t the where I want to go today. Today I want to talk about something that was delivered. The NBN went live in Armidale today. 

Hi ya,

I work for UNE – just did my first support call to a UNE staff member in Armidale… who is on the NBN!

Minor glitch (proxy settings were set to our internal network, caused her grief, and had a VM’d machine that needed to be bridged.) That is going to be a common one in our area, think that will need to be added to our list of things to check.

Apart from that, she was very very very happy.

(I am jealous.)

However, wanted to pass on, iinet gets a thumbs up for being very on top of their customer service. 

That’s right! The NBN has gone live in New England. And accounts have been good with a 90% take up. 

The release site, located in west Armidale, covers approximately 2900 premises including a section of the University of New England campus in the area. According to the university, each student dormitory and on-campus buildings not owned by the institution were connected to the network, rather than to the institution’s own 1 gigabit connection, and are expected to be lit soon. Students will be provided with the opportunity to select a service provider of their choosing for NBN products. … 

Armidale received the highest take-up of all five mainland sites of over 90 per cent of those premises included in the build.

There’s more. A decent write up in The Australian. Shock! Horror! Oh wait. It’s not from someone FROM The Australian. It’s from the president of the Australian Computing Society.

WHEN Benjamin Franklin first harnessed electricity back in 1752, he could not have foreseen how radically he would change our way of life.

Later contributions by Nikola Tesla and others formed the basis of modern alternating current electric power systems, which helped usher in the second industrial revolution. Their work paved the way for subsequent “game changers” such as lighting, heating, communication and more recently computing.

According to the UN Broadband Commission for Digital Development: “In the same way that the construction of electricity grids and transport links spurred innovation far beyond the dreams of their builders, high-speed broadband networks are a platform for progress.”

The potential of the digital economy is undeniable. We believe that only a fraction of its possibility has been realised as most of the applications that will leverage the power of the digital economy are yet to be created. 

Ironically the day the NBN came to town was the day Barnaby Joyce threatened to as well!

Now I know there has been a recent big media deal in regards to the company rejecting all tenders and asking them to resubmit.

Some say the government will never get it off the ground now. Some said they would never get into New England! And some said they would never get a uptake above 70%.

I may be a optimistic soul, but I think there is a reason why they did why they did. It starts with “D” and ends with “R” and is currently roughly 20% higher then it was when the companies began their tenders.

The good old dollar has a bigger buying clout then it did before and maybe, just maybe that was a big reason. I assume because we have not had a newslimited paper beat a dead horse on the issue, they understand that too.

[Addendum: A survey released by WHIRLPOOL in February]

The first site in mainland Australia is live and from all accounts is very very well. So its on to the left. And to the right. And over to the west. And the east. Then south and of course.



A. Ghebranious 2011    (All Rights Reserved)

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    Well said. That is unforunutely life.

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