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Rudd sets agenda. But only 1% of his message will be heard.


QandA brought together an interesting panel of guests, but right from the first question re Libya, it was all about Kevin.

Kevin Rudd’s appearance on QandA tonight will provide the coalition and the media enough ammunition to deliver a critical blow to the Gillard government including the implied revelation that some of the cabinet were (are?) against a carbon pricing scheme.

Of course the caveat that this was due to other concerns such as the GFC was a concern but also the Liberals would have lost their domination in the senate. Not that they have any concerns re climate change or pricing carbon per say.

But that wont stop the trills and shrills  that will dominate the media.

However this seemingly unloading on members of the ALP cabinet plays out, there is a possible big plus. Will those who voted for the ALP because of Rudd in 2007 and did not in 2010 now start to walk back? It can happen, but only on the proviso that the rift between Julia Gillard and her foreign minister does not expand.

This will mean the ALP will need to concentrate on the message of the show. One particular question piqued my interest. You will have to forgive me as QandA have yet to post their video. But basically it was.

Why do politicians just not come out and communicate. You said your first mistake was backing down on the CPRS but your second mistake was not being able to respect the electorate enough to tell us why you are doing what you are doing or why you change you mind on things.

I think that was the gist of it.

There lies the real bulk of the message of this QandA. The 99% of the heart of it all. When oh when will politicians realise that talking is MUCH MUCH better than not talking.  The public are not fools. They are not ignorant. They just want to be made aware of the thinking process behind decisions.

Take the Carbon Tax portion of the proposed policy.

What are the pros of the carbon tax?

1) Increases the use of cleaner tech by companies to avoid the tax in part and steal market share from the slower competitor

2) Make 100% emission free solutions viable alternatives

3) Customers will chose products that are less likely to accrue a tax thereby increase demand for alternatives

There are just some of mine.

By comparison the proposal put to us in a press conference left us with no working out – remember when you did a maths problem and you left your working out so the person marking can at least follow what you were doing  – for us to follow.

Left with nothing, the coalition have been more then willing to scribe in their own working out till now people link that working out is part of the proposed plan.

Thankfully the government has started its climate change community meetings and that will help answer questions that again the government have not been able to do and again left out the working out.

Ironically Kevin Rudd talked about how the media only release 1% of anything a politician says and a audience member rubbished him.

The audience member was right. So was Kevin. Yes the media distort the message. But at the same time, when the message is delivered and the working out – the 99% of the message – is not there, then this time the 1% is all you gave us Mr Rudd and it seems Ms Gillard has caught your disease.

And don’t think you are free from it all Mr Abbott. You too need to show us the working out. You have an alternative to carbon pricing? Fine. Show me the working out.

I want to point out that I am not talking about the detail of the policy here. I am talking about the thinking and the reasoning on why it is a part of the policy. The detail will come later.

The lesson here is simple. It is not what you say or how you say it that is important. It is remembering who you are saying it to and treating them as equals.

Or at least potential voters.

A. Ghebranious  2011  (All Rights Reserved)

  1. Jennifer Baratta permalink

    Don’t you just hate politics I really grow tired of lies from Politicians

  2. BSA Bob permalink

    Tony has shown us his working out; stuff like 2+2=5, 10-4=7 although yesterday it equalled 3 seems to get him by, with the help of the trills and shrills you mention.

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