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Things that go bump in the night 2


Following on from my last post re ghosts, I have decided to continue the theme to the music of the 70’s. Check out the fashion, the hairstyles, the dance styles, and also note that these could be the same people who helped man get to the moon and now apparently reckon climate change is not real.

Short of an adjective? Well bump me!

Lionel Ritchie is still getting Melbourne on its feet. That actually tells you a lot about Melbourne.

Most of these songs came out before the concept of movie clips, but way after the discovery of psychedelic drugs.

Of course everything evolves. Here is ‘doing the bump’ 1970’s style. She reckons.  Mind you I don’t think she has an idea what the bump was ever about.

And here is an updated 2010 version of the dance as it happened.

Ahh sex. So that’s what it was all about! Notice how it was a bum tucking exercise as well?

So with the obvious being a sexual thing, how does Hollywood decide to sell the dance craze of the 70’s? By removing the offending sexual connotation and turning dancing into a solo masturbation event.

Kudos to John Travolta as he does this entire dance in high heels. Mind you there is also talk that for him, that was no problem.

And what better way to close this blog then this song about a guy who’s woman just wants to bump him all night long. And yes the words sound rude, but all he is saying is bump.

A. Ghebranious  2011  (All Rights Reserved)

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  1. Jennifer Baratta permalink

    Ok Never again!

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