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Moving Backward


It has been eight months since the election and all the while the public has been waiting for Tony Abbott to talk about his vision of Australia. Mr Abbott it seems has opted to stick to a game plan set out by John Howard in 1995. Now I know Mr Abbott believes in climate change! He is recycling.

This strategy will work. After all it is tried and tested so this is not really going out on a limb here. But what I still do not see is anything Tony Abbott himself has come up with. He seems to have visited the ideas well, found it dry, and opted to microwave a frozen Winston dinner.

Media have yet to take Mr Abbott to task on his vision for Australia and if he actually has any ideas of his own on the issue. It was something that was airbrushed with rhetoric during the federal election with all the right carefully scripted words being said from both parties.

The vision set out by Prime Minister Julia Gillard is one of education, innovation, and a big hug for all. She links the NBN with both like a backbone and one that the coalition has tried to break down but have yet been able to score a hit. It puts the NBN into perspective for the ALP in regards to importance.

The coalition on the other hand do not seem to have any long term vision. I assume since they believe the government is venerable. They will need one though. And please not more of the same economic springboard stuff.

What is your vision on health, education, technology etc Mr Abbott? And note I said vision. Not policy. No need telling me how you intend to get me there when I don’t have a clue where there is.

Currently Abbott has time. There are plenty of issues domestic and abroad that looking at the future can be hard for all the obstacles in the present. Yet he will need to construct something.

It is no good just talking about having the credentials to steer the ship that is Australia, but it would be really good to know where exactly you intend to steer the ship to.

Unfortunately for you Mr Abbott, currently it appears you intend to steer the country backwards.

At least it sounds like it.

A. Ghebranious  2011  (All Rights Reserved)

One Comment
  1. Jennifer Baratta permalink

    That’s politics and Mr. Abbbot’s EGO.

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