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Abbott’s leadership has finished.


And so it has come to this. While no one is saying that Tony Abbott personally endorsed and painted the placards behind him, his PR staff apparently did not see the need to ask those holding the signs to move. Why would they when the signs said all the things that Abbott could not.

Andrew Bolt took up the defence of this racist inept leader of the coalition by finding a demonstration from 1996 and showing the anger and the hate in the signs way back then. Apparently Andrew is big on retaliation. No doubt he will be viewing the GetUp planned rally with a microscope.

The problem with Bolt’s analysis is he totally ignores the make up of the placard wavers at the no carbon tax rally. Combet took great pleasure in telling parliament yesterday. He revealed the make up of this group whom Abbott put it as a wide cross section of middle Australia.

Let’s have a closer look at our middle section shall we?

Former One Nation leader and NSW election candidate Pauline Hanson was in the crowd, while the One Nation party and the anti-Semitic Australian League of Rights were represented.

Members of the Coalition of Law Abiding Sporting Shooters, an anti-gun law group, were also among the protesters, along with representatives of the Lavoisier Group, which disputes mainstream climate science.

Climate Change Minister Greg Combet later told parliament that Mr Abbott should be ashamed to associate himself with the sentiments on display.

One Nation has been around for a while now. This was the party that first thought Asians are swamping the country. I think since then, they have turned their sights to asylum seekers. One Nation can be labelled as a far right wing party.

The Australian League of Rights. Well these guys are just Nazi’s hiding behind crosses. Primarily an anti-Semitic, anti-world government, anti-communist organisation and still to this day considered a very far right wing organisation. Thinking why would a anti-Semitic group be against a carbon tax? Maybe they don’t want to burden future possible holocausts with a tax, I don’t know. This party is so far right you need a GPS to get there.

The Shooters and Fishers Party. I personally have no objection with hunting and having associated with some hunters in the past, find them a sane, environmentally aware group of people. What I don’t understand is why would you need a semi automatic machine gun to do that hunting. These people are obviously very worried about the rise of ammunition costs. Having said that, this was probably the most moderate group there.

Menzies House is Corey Bernardi’s anti muslim group. Enough said. This is NOT a moderate group. Might not be as far right as the Australian League of Rights, but they know the directions to get there.

The Lavoisier Group is an organisation DEDICATED to stopping the use of renewables. They make the claim that they are sceptics of the climate change science. This is a half truth. They have no intention of accepting any science that points to climate change. They are not offering debate, but basically doing a Tony Abbott and strictly trying to spoil.

So Abbott calls these groups a wide cross section of middle Australia. Apparently the extreme right wing is the new middle.

If this is where Abbott looks to for his support, then his leadership has finished.

‘Come break me down, bury me, bury me, I am finished with YOU’

A. Ghebranious  2011  (All Rights Reserved)

  1. Jennifer Baratta permalink

    Well said to bad Abbot will not see that.

  2. Bilko permalink

    Spot on Ash, on par and worthy of a piece by spray, what amazes me is that the Libs still put up with Abbott ,it only goes to show the sheer lack of talent they have available thank god the independants did the right thing by the country at the election.

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