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Slip Sliding Away


The Coalition had momentum. They had the government against the ropes and where laying big George Foreman like punches into them. Some blows dirtier then others. Then Qanda happened. And it appeared that Julia Gillard leaned over as her opponent and the opposition and the shockjocks slammed into her and said:

‘Is that all you got?’

Now I am not sure if the PM managed to make her and the governments case to everyone who saw Qanda last night, but as an observer watching on TV, she seemed to do that with an audience that had been brought to the edge of their seats in concern: What is this carbon tax thing? Why did you lie? Does Kevin want your job? Nuclear power?;  and other questions were directed to the PM.

The questions were all given answers. Question is did people take that answer or do they still have doubts?

She did not back away from questions and she even got one from a very Dr Evil looking Julian Assange who made a threat more than asked a question.

As usual there was less time then needed to cover the range of hot topics aimed at the government and in particular the PM. I noted that there was a lot of concern over the Carbon Tax and the promise. Over how it worked and why will it work. There was even concern with elections and MySchool.

The Coalition will try and dismantle the show and look for an answer they can turn against the PM. It is their job. But if they can not, then this one appearance on Qanda may just cost the coalition its poll lead in subsequent polls as they had not gotten a lead due to work they did but due to an attempt to make the public perceive the government had not done its job.

If Julia Gillard swayed people to her side last night, then the coalition will suffer in the polls. If not, then it will be the government and Julia Gillard herself that will suffer in the polls.

Either way, one or the other will be slip sliding away in the eyes of the public.

A. Ghebranious   2011 (All Rights Reserved)

  1. Jennifer Baratta permalink

    You go woman Stay safe Ash

  2. Catching up permalink

    I believe the PM done a good job in front of a stone faced audience. Some will not hear, no matter how hard she talks. I am sure that this PM will not falter, no matter how hard it gets. I believe she is doing what is right for the country, in spite of polls.

  3. Gordicans permalink

    Love your blog thankyou, and agree with your comments but disagree strongly with your short term time frime. Two things: 1) Abbott is finnished. Anyone who says “C02 is much maligned and not an evil gas” has no future in politics and should retire to laughing gas.

    2) we should be looking about 9-12 months out in the polls. If Gillard keeps her shit together and can put together a carbon tax with cost the coalition is finnished (whilst abbott is leader). The coalition don’t have a plan B.

    Meanwhile, what the hell is Julia doing with the Assagne caper? What shit doth she speak? Is she so determined to get the americans onside that she burns me and Julian Assagne? And at what cost? Has she calculated that the cost of labour voters exiting to the greens because of her sucking up to the yanks on Julian Assagne is less than the benefit politically that she’ll get from the yanks by her bagging assagne. Is this why a redhead supports Israel so much? Just goes to show how much influence the americans have on the local political scene. ie more than you think (check out wikileaks Mr Mark Arbib master spy). Over to you Rupert.

  4. Catching up permalink

    I cannot see any government wanting to get their hands dirty unless there is a genuine belief that not to do so, would not be responsible.

    Labor could have walked away from dealing with climate change but they decided not to. Life would be easier for PM Gillard if she took the easy path and catered to those who believe in climate change with a few well thought out sweeteners, such as solar on the roofs, etc.

    Does anyone think that Mr. Abbott, the Opposition Leaders comments in WA were not planned. This man makes many mistakes, but not while on his obsessive campaign to gain power.

    I believe that Mr. Abbott will move to the position of being a denier.

    I believe that Mr. Abbott, the Opposition Leader has not bothered to formulated a stand or is not interested in climate change. He is using climate change in an opportunist way to assist his own agenda. He is not strictly a denier, he has no opinion either way.

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