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New Paradigm Demands Better Worded Promises


Newspoll is in and the conclusion is from now on Politicians will better word their promises.

See if Julia Gillard had added to her plan for carbon pricing that morning in August, then there would not be any fuss. All she needed to do was add the word majority.

So :

‘There will be no carbon tax in a government I lead’


‘There will be no carbon tax in a majority government I lead’

What a difference that word would have made to that sound grab especially since we don’t have a majority government. Oh well. Politicians have been warned.

So lets see what happened.

The ALP lost 6% points in their primary vote dropping from 36 to 30.

The LNP gained on 4% of those points. Interesting as if you expected people to be angry at the concept of the carbon tax itself, you would have hoped to see not only the LNP pick up the full 6% loss by its opponents, but it only managed to pick up just over half.

The other 2% of these voters who are so angry at the concept of the carbon tax actually went to the kings of carbon tax, the greens.

Gillard herself coped a huge hit in personal preference of an 11 percent drop in her satisfaction rating dropping from 50 to 39. But worse for her is her dissatisfaction rating rose from 39 to 51.

Abbott on the other hand received little to none of this in his own numbers. His satisfaction rising 2 percentage points and his dissatisfaction also rising by 2 percentage points.

The other poll that is of significance is the question on carbon pricing is at 42% yes, down 5% from December. But the no vote only went up by 4%.

The last two weeks has been loaded with name calling and finger pointing. But it seems that Abbott’s call for a war on carbon tax is not what has the public rumbling.

In fact, if the PM had used that word majority in her sentence, then I doubt we would have seen such a swing against the PM in satisfaction.

Likewise while the PM and through her the party has been hurt by that clip, it also seems that there is no equal level of dissatisfaction of the carbon price as there is of the PM.

Methinks this can be solved when the detail on the carbon scheme forms. Problem is, before some people will listen to those details, Julia Gillard has a lot of trust to regain.

Until then we are all waiting in anticipation for yet another poll. I got the theme song for them too!



A. Ghebranious   2011  (All Rights Reserved)

  1. Jennifer Baratta permalink

    A politican backs out of promise that happens in NY and US Federal government year round after election day. Good luck you need it.

  2. Catching up permalink

    Yes the poll is bad, but that was expected. When you have captains of industry calling for the nastiness to stop and get on with the business of putting a price on carbon to bed as quickly as possible.

    How long can Mr, Abbott keep going around the country, ranting “liar liar”. At some stage most people will tire of hearing this.

    When the public turn their attention to the substance of the announcement, they will start asking themselves if a price on carbon is needed, and is this the best way to go. There, I would imagine be a closer look at Mr. Abbott, the Opposition Leaders plan. Ranting “liar liar” will not hide that his plan is found wanting by many.

    Much of the scare campaign at this time is not based of facts. In the next few weeks, as the Climate Change Committee works through it agenda, we will be given the data that we need to make an opinion of the proposed carbon pricing. This is very unlikely to support the scare tactics that are being foisted on the public now. It will be similar to the previous PM plan but personally I hope, not so much given away to the polluters.

    The final aim, as many believe to use less power is not strictly true. The aim is for our power to be produced by carbon free processes. In the short term, until alternative sources of power is in place, we need to restrict our use of power produced by coal.

    If coal can be burnt clean, it may play a part in the future. Putting a price on carbon will encourage the coal industry to do the research for this to occur.

    There will, I believe about 1000 companies that will be paying the cost of carbon pricing. It is not coming out of the ordinary taxpayers pocket. When the GST was introduced, the GNP went up around 4%, even allowing for the compensation given to taxpayers and industries. It is suggested that the price on carbon will be around 1%, even without compensation. The wealthy may pay more, but the majority of Australians, in a well planned scheme will not.

    The Opposition’s plan is very expensive, will cost the tax payer and is believed will not work. The money has to come from somewhere, unless Mr. Abbott, the Opposition Leader has found the magic pudding or his god will come to his aid with a repeat of the miracle of the loaves and fishes. Mr. Abbott, the Opposition Leader is relying on methods of reducing carbon that are not at this staged, scientifically proven. Mr. Turnbull said on QandA that there will be a cost, no matter the scheme.

    People will or should become concerned that Mr. Abbott, the Opposition Leader is will to place Australian Industry in danger because of his plan to dump the propped price on carbon, even if it takes a couple of elections. He will leave industry with no security, and us years behind in moving to a carbon free economy.

    Another myth being spread through the community is that no other country has done anything, that we are going it alone. This is not true. There are 30 countries, and 10 states in the USA have similar schemes. The UK has been addressing the problems since the days of Thatcher, a lady not known for wasteful spending.

    China, it is true, is not looking at carbon pricing, but do they need to do this to cut back on carbon. There are stories that China is beginning to address the problem, even if it is to clean up their smog. The coal power stations are supposed to be the state of the ark, but they are looking at alternatives methods of producing energy.

    Can anyone remember how the polls treated the ex PM Howard when he introduced the GST.

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