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Carbon vectigalia ite domus!! (its latin, translate it)


So okay. It’s easy to make a mistake with language.

Happened today for Tony Abbott.

You see Tony would have people believe that he is a climate change sceptic. But that makes me wonder if that is true, why do the coalition have a policy to reduce Carbon Emissions?

Tony claims that there would be an Egypt like revolution in the streets. What Tony doesn’t realise is that revolution was done by foreigners. Australians tend to prefer to go to see a game of football.

Tony doesn’t remember that shortly after Julia Gillard announced an agreement with the Greens and the independents on carbon pricing late last year, her polling rose.

What got me is in her press release, Julia Gillard did not run away from any questions in regards to what she had said or why. She stood there and started to do something a federal PM has not done in this country for a long time. Explain the issue.

Julia so successfully brought up and dealt with every aspect of Tony’s arguments in her original press conference, he had nothing new. Eventually, he is going to be drawn into real debate about the merit of the system. Looking forward to that.

Today on ABC News 24, there was a debate between Mark Dreyfus, the Parliamentary secretary for the Climate Change committee debating our good friend Corey Bernardi.

Corey claimed that the industry had been given certainty by the ALP and the LNP when they both had gone to the polls saying there will be no carbon tax. Yet I recall the CEO of BHP raising the issue and claiming there was no certainty.

Speaking of language, Bernardi was taken to task yet again about his interpretation of the word Islam. Turned out he was claiming he meant Islamic fundamentalism and Sharia law. Mind you the interviewer did point out that in the 10 minute interview he never once used either word. Must have slipped his mind.

I will close this small post with a little tweet exchange between myself and @GrogsGamut. By the way, if you dont read his blog, you should! And if you occasionally frequent #auspol, you will know what I mean.


A people’s revolt? lolz. Best get in my order at Barricades R Us before they all run out.


Unfortunately for Abbott, it will be more twit then twitter lead

Viva the revolution. Can someone send me an email when it’s on? Thank you Comrade Tony.

A. Ghebranious     2011    (All Rights Reserved)

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  1. Jennifer Baratta permalink

    Wow! and I thought the american congress and NY state Congress were the insane one with deniers of common sense.

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