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How the Coalition lost their lead or ‘Scott Happens’


Getting in an early post. Hearing interesting reports re latest NEWSPOLL. Will add more tomorrow when I get my hands on the Newspoll data.

Although the parties remain deadlocked on a 2pp, the ALP has picked up its primary vote, the LNP has lost its primary vote and the GREENS are starting to vary.

Most disastorous result for Tony Abbott is his approval rating. Down 4% to 36% but even more disturbing is his unapproval rating rising 5%.

Julia Gillard scored an above 50% approval rating rising to 53%.

Now before the knives start flying in the Coalition and the bubbly flows in the ALP, it is ONE poll.

And the ALP’s lift came from a own goal by the coalition.

JULIA Gillards personal standing has shot to its best since she became prime minister.

After poor polling at the end of the summer of disasters the prime minister’s extended her lead over Tony Abbott as preferred Prime Minister to 22 points – 53 per cent to 31 per cent.

On the back of fall in Coalition support, following two weeks’ of Liberal infighting and divisions, Labor came back to where it was before Christmas on a two-party preferred basis to 50-50.

The Coalition’s gains during the summer break have now been wiped out by the internal bickering of the Liberal frontbench.

At the beginning of February Mr Abbott had closed to his closest to Ms Gillard as prime minister 35 to her 48 per cent. But after the two weeks of division’s Ms Gillard’s lead almost doubled to 22 points


My advice Tony? Maybe Scott can get a sore throat and be unable to speak for say…. 15 months?



A. Ghebranious     2011   (All Rights Reserved)

  1. Jennifer Baratta permalink

    Good luck somtimes people ignore polls and go with gut feeling to vote

  2. Mobius Ecko permalink

    Yep whenever Abbott is let off the tight leash to say or do anything more than (poorly) act out very tight scripts of simple glib one liners and (badly) staged video grabs he’s the Liberal Party’s worst enemy.

  3. Catching up permalink

    Mr. Abbott’s problem is he forgot to pop quickly back into his hole this time. One poll do not a trend make but I hope this is the beginning of more responsible governance on both sides of politics.

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