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Context a reoccurring problem for the Coalition and the ALP



[kon-tekst] Show IPA



the parts of a written or spoken statement that precede or
follow a specific word or passage, usually influencing its
meaning or effect: You have misinterpreted my remark
because you took it out of context.

the set of circumstances or facts that surround a particular
event, situation, etc.

Mycology . the fleshy fibrous body of the pileus in

The Coalition has a context problem. And they should seriously take that into context.

From shit happens to malicious letters posted on websites, the Coalition is in trouble.

Something is not right in the Coalition. Many people who may have bore the venom of attacks on asylum seekers may have been fine for the during of an election campaign, but now they seem to have drawn a line.

Now while Tony Abbott successfully defended himself over the shit happens video, Andrew Robb’s  stout defence of Scott Morrison seems to be a double bladed sword.

In his disclosure from protocol, Robb claims that Morrison was taken out of context by some in the cabinet. He then lauded his praises and almost gave a list of  3 miracles that we can start looking at in the road to his beatification.

But I draw the readers attention to the definition of context. You see for someone to take Mr Morrison out of context they would have to have been missing for part of that cabinet meeting.

They were there when Morrison said what he said and where present for the conversation before that and the conversation after that. There is no loss of context here.

Further, what ever Morrison said, it is reported it prompted a response from Phillip Ruddick who reminded the cabinet of their anti discrimination policy. Why would he feel the need to do this?

Whatever the cause, we are now watching the effect. Emails that pass websites then promptly deleted seem to indicate more than mere misunderstanding between friends.

I found it interesting that that letter called for Joe Hockey to be terminated with extreme prejudice and at the same time lavish praise on Robb. It is reported the letter came from the office of Scott Morrison.

And now Robb returns the favour. Or did he?

You see while Robb talks about Morrison’s path to enlightenment, he is also confirming that what was leaked to the reporter in regards to what Morrison may have said is true.

What is the saying? Keep your friends close and your enemies closer?

Meanwhile, it’s not been all plain sailing for the ALP.

While Julia has been pursuing a to do list, she still fails to tell the Australian people WHY she is doing what she is doing and instead telling Australians WHY she DID what she is doing. It is a small error, but a fundamental one.

Yes people like to be lead, that’s how politicians get to exist. But what we also like is to be kept in the loop.

John Howard did this very well. He would raise an issue. He would talk about what he was doing and why and THEN he did it. It does not sound like much but it is!

You see it gives the public that they are in a sense a part of the process of government. It allows for debate on an issue before a decision is made as opposed to debate after a decision has been made.

Perfect examples arose this week. Twice.

Firstly the multicultural policy which, while I am glad has returned to the public debate and not left to drunken conversations in dark corners, seems to have just been announced. TADA! Here you go! Enjoy!

Surely an announcement should have been made weeks ago if this comes on the tail of the conversation in Europe as that conversation has been going on for some time! I would have preferred for there to be more discussion leading up to a policy announcement.

And by not letting the public get involved they start with a policy that is distant to them. They had no part of it or say, it was just announced.

The second is in concern with the asylum seekers. Chris Bowen did tell media that it is his goal to get the child into community care quickly and for some time etc, but it would have been much better to keep the public informed along the way.

Now it seems there has been some kind of policy on the fly going on when in truth, this has been an ongoing process since the boat disaster. But again by not giving the public the context all we see is boat crash, funeral, detention, release. We do not see the process in between.

Now I am not saying they detail every step and every day, but I think if the ALP spend a little time bringing an issue into public forum BEFORE they announce their solution, it will give the public that feeling of being a part of the process from beginning to an end.

Just keep us informed is all.

Otherwise, we have that third definition of context. The one were we are a mushroom, kept in the dark, and feed bullshit.

A. Ghebranious   2011   (All Rights Reserved)

  1. Jennifer Baratta permalink

    The left does not know what the right is doing is the perfect saying for this. welcome to politics UGH!

  2. tredlgt permalink

    By bringing the subject of relocation to the public forum before finalising the decision would have sent all the attack dogs off . The msm would be playing their normal role of Govt bashing and show casing all the nut job lib objections . Besides ,we have known since christmas that these poor buggers would need to be moved on from christmas island how much more information do you need . The correct thing has been done that should be enough .
    If you don’t like the announcement regarding multiculturalism start arguing against it now . I for one welcome the announcement . Something needs to start a discussion a position has been stated ,debate . By the way this is a policy that has existed for a long time it has just been reaffirmed . You could have argued against it any time you like ,you have a blog , or did you need to be given permission .
    As for telling the public what has been done as opposed to why it will be done that’s their job. If they do things that are incorrect and damage the country we can vote against them in an election .
    howard had the press to argue his point something this Govt does not have. And finally what other Govt policies would you like to be kept in the loop on , pick a topic and start a debate.

    • Oh I am a big supporter of Multiculturalism. Just wondering where it was 3 year ago is all. If ALP had moved earlier, then 2010 would be very very different. Thank Christ they discovered it again. Here is hoping it is not vote based

    • Re debate: They should be talking about the mining tax NOW. Discussing why and taking time to do so. And they should start informing now re carbon tax. I was uncomfortable with an ‘in the dead of night’ mining deal. Happy with result in end, but would prefer a little info to relieve undue doubt

  3. Catching up permalink

    No, I think thanks to the political climate and the behavior of the MSM, The way PM Gillard did it is correct, as long as the public is welcomed to take a part in the ensuing debate.

    The media and the Opposition now have to deal with the reality of the announcement. There is no scope for putting out an argument based on what “they” think she believes.

    Mr. Howard, if my recollections are correct, did not invite public discussion before he introduced the WorkChoices. It was not even made public during the election campaign that gave him the power to enact WorkChoices.

    The government’s energy can now be aimed at selling the policy, not having to defend themselves against straw arguments.

  4. tredlgt permalink

    I agree with you, three years ago would have been great but no one seemed to be allowed to do anything. Then, only the PM spoke ,today ministers make statements that are thought out and to the point.
    Regarding the mining tax why not try to implement the report on tax recommendation and have the debate in parliament when the bill goes to be voted on instead of on alans radio show or bolts column .If you have an opinion take it to your local MP influence them. Make them do what the voters want. If we leave it up to the MSM they just want to sell adds and will support the biggest add buyers. It’s not in their interest to make the story easy to understand and die down. Remember 23 million was spent by the rich mine owners ,most of that went to murdoch, who will he back next time.

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