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Disregard for human life turns into disregard for human death.


Mourners carry the casket of eight-month old Zahra El Ibrahimy, who perished in the Christmas Is boat disaster. Picture: Sam Mooy

Scott Morrison took to the airwaves yesterday. The tactic was deliberate and calculated. What better day for the opposition Immigration leader to do so then the day women screamed at the funeral of their children.

I can’t blame Scott totally though. He was set up to do a job by his leader and he is doing exactly that. Throughout the election campaign and prior, Scott Morrison had discovered a polling lever. He had managed to get Australia to talk about asylum seekers.

We spent over 50% of the election talking about stopping the boats. I could not understand how this could be the case. We spend 300 billion in a budget. Asylum seekers perhaps eat up maybe 200 mill a year. They are responsible for 1% of all immigration. And many genuinely are fleeing and need our help. Thats what you do when you see someone in trouble, you help.

I learnt this in THIS country.

So when I saw how easily it was to distort the truth and how focused the entire nation was on such a small minor aspect of what it is we do and stand for in this country, and seeing those with heart silence their voices out of fear, I had to do something.

It was then that I began to get politically more active. See, I found it outstanding that both parties had caved into the barking of vicious voices. The Coalition was beating the hysteria for all it was worth and because it had become such a political issue, the ALP stayed mute for too long to avoid political damage.

While the nation tore at its own throat, we were made aware of the world outside our own and the bloodshed and terror in lands afar, and despite this, some Australians wanted the nation to turn its back on those seeking help.

So be it. May those who harbour this feeling live to see the day when they or a relative is in desperate need only to have the world turn their back on them.

Even worse. Let your own family join them.

Yesterday though, while family grieved for the loss of life, Morrison took to the airwaves to question the cost of the funeral. He did not choose the day after the grieving. He did not choose a day prior. No. He stuck his vile bile into the mix specifically on that day. His spite and his timing had become one.

It seemed what I was taught was being untaught.

You see it is from our leaders that we seek direction. And when Tony Abbott came out to basically back his Immigration minister in a radio interview, I saw that even in a time of great sorrow, Tony Abbott just can not help himself. Surrounded by friends Tony just could not help joining in.

Andrew Bolt and Steve Price are a modern day Laurel and Hardy. Towards the end of sycophantic radio interview with Mr Abbott, they started to talk about the funerals.

Abbott was quizzed by Price if he thinks the funeral should have been at Christmas Island to which he enthusiastically agrees and shows concern on why ‘relos’ (remember he was with two blokes) should be flown around the country.

But he knows exactly why. Relatives of the dead in Sydney who are paying for the funeral and the funeral plot want the dead buried within driving distance. The contempt of this man to question if the husband of the dead or the mother of the dead or the children of the dead to attend the funerals of their family is beyond despicable.

Later after Abbott had gone, Andrew expressed disdain at the circumstances of a man who was to bury his wife and his child. Why did he come when his own sister who lives in Sydney had begged them not to risk the trip. Steve then mistakenly mistook the man’s country of origin calling it Iraq and saying what was wrong with Iraq? They sent planes to Egypt to get out Iraqis. Then he noticed that the country was actually Iran and he apologised but then added what is wrong with Iran? After all the guy from that car show went there.

I will not explain to Bolt the history of a protest in Iran that resulted in the death of thousands of protesters as it will spoil his comprehension of Jeremy Clarkson and Top Gear in general. I assume Bolt missed the news where a recent protest was brutally put down in Iran as he likes to think it is safe.

Price had the audacity to claim that relatives were somehow flown in secretly when the entire procedure has been transparent. It is only today that they decide to notice.

Voices in the ALP responded. Chris Bowen was critical of Morrison as was Kevin Rudd.

But the winner of the day for me was one Joe Hockey.

Joe stepped up that day, not necessarily as a political move, but because he could not stand to be branded by the comments made by Abbott and Morrison. He used eloquent words and called for that humanity I said I first learned in this country. But he also seemed to ask for his party to also find its soul.

In Tony’s need to seize power, he plants his foot into the faces of the dead to elevate himself. And not just any dead. But the mangled body of an eight month year old as well.

Well done Tony! Up you go little fella.


A. Ghebranious      2011    (All Rights Reserved)

  1. Catching up permalink

    It puts in perspective those who wish to make political capital out of a levy and yesterday refugees burying their dead.

    Why and when did we become a nation of whingers, who are consumed with negativity, with nothing good to say about anything?

    There were many in the Coalition who was just as strong in their condemnation as Mr. Hockey.

    It is a tragedy beyond belief that the nine year old is being sent back to Christmas Island when he has family in Sydney. How could he be a security risk could he be to Australians.

    What will be costly to the Australian budget, is dealing with the psychological caused by sending back to Christmas Island the close relations of those buried.

    The Opposition has a tin ear that failed to hear the outcry against their actions yesterday. They have continued with the campaign today, saying they will be seeking answers in senate hearings.

    An Opposition, who feels that it has to stir up racial discontent in this country to gain power, has little going for it.

    They need to look beyond the sites that are astro-turfed by their supporters to hear how the general public is reacting. Andrew Bolt, Steve Price and their elk do not represent the majority of Australians, thank god.

    I do not listen to these stations but I did listen to the interview yesterday. I would encourage others to do so. It did not show Mr. Abbott in his best light. It was a sickening interview.

    I must give Mr. Price some credit when he weakly tried to correct some of Mr. Abbott’s straight out lies and allegations. Mr. Price did not try very hard.

    It should be noted that there are both Muslims and Christains being buried.

  2. Jennifer Baratta permalink

    So Sorry for the loss and that politians feel the need to screw up greif.

  3. Catching up permalink

    I would like to add this is not the Australian or Anzac way. Our soldiers on the battle ground buried their opponents with respect.

    We are a country that shows great compassion in times of strife.

    What occurred in the Opposition ranks yesterday does not represent many of us.

    It is not about money or the budget, it is about people, humans like us, in strife.

    • @ Catching up. I fear you are wrong. It seems there is a growing demographic which could well be the “cashed-up bogans” who, in benefiting from our mining boom, have sold their soul to the “three word slogan” because it is easier than thinking. This group, added to the One Nation “Grumpy Old Codgers” makes up a good 10% of the population and 10% of an electorate which is 70% loyal to its political party of birth is enough to swing any election. So they must be pandered to.

      “What occurred in the Opposition ranks yesterday does not represent many of us. “. No, what it represents is that small group of Government-changing bigots who MUST now be courted if either party wants to occupy the Treasury Benches. I fear for my country.

      • Catching up permalink

        archiearchive FCD

        Sorry, I have to believe most of us are decent.

  4. Pip permalink

    Morrison tells readers on his website that he was raised as a Christian. He has two young children and the only conclusion to be drawn from all the fuss is that his little white Christian children are much more worthy than the poor liitle children who were drowned and who lost their families in the boat tragedy.
    There are no polite words to describe Morrison, Abbott Nash and the rest of their mates.
    That highly {un] respected entity, Menzies House was quick to print their disgust of Joe Hockey, accusing him of positioning himself for a leadership challenge.
    The depth of their disgusting attitude can’t get much lower. Or can it?

    • Catching up permalink

      Quick to use Mr. Hocky’s statement to get rid of him. Whose staffer could not wait. I can only think of one man, who maybe should have his medication reviewed.

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